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Sick to my stomach

I am a young mom. A teen mom who was blessed with a daughter thathas already put me through hell and back and I love her more than words can even say. I was with her father for almost 3 years and during my pregnancy he was a complete ass and didnt help with anything but when I was getting ready to have her he rushed 5 hours to the hospital and stayed by my side, helped me through being sore and her first week in the NICU but of course being the 18 year old that he is the moment he left the hospital he went and got wasted and still has yet to help with LO. We do live 3 hours apart (we're both graduated) and when asked if he would move up here since Im enrolled in college and her drs and whatnot he said "No. I wanna spend time with my family and friends and just party. Ive realized how much you guys held me back and how much I just dont love you guys." and int he same sentence asked me if i'd bring her down so he could have her for the weekend since he wasn't doing anything. Im heartbroken because we went thru so much together with her and he was my rock and now hes saying he doesnt love her. he doesnt love me. I feel saddened that she won't have that family I had pictured.
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