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My child is driving me crazy!

I'm not sure what's going on with her, but whatever it is - I hope it passes soon.  She was climbing out of her crib so we transitioned her to the toddler bed.  We're going on 2 weeks and it's gotten progressively worse.  We tried locking her in the room and she just wailed and wailed and kicked the door.  It was heartbreaking. She gets out on average 10x a night and tries to come into bed with us.  When she gets out one of us escorts her back to her room and then we leave.  She then starts to cry and we come back to lay down with her on the floor.  Rinse / repeat multiple times a night.

Honestly - if I didn't think it would become a habit - I would let her come in bed, just to get some sleep - but know it would become more permanent.  Since she's transitioned she will not fall asleep without me / DH in the room with her.  If we leave before she is asleep she starts sobbing.  We're trying the whole super nanny move away from the bed a little each night - right now my DH's is 1/2 in her room 1/2 out (funny sight to see), but someone still needs to be there until she falls asleep. 

I'm starting to question if she's ready for a toddler bed - should we just go back to  the crib and get her a tent since she'll inevitably climb out??  I'm exhausted, DH is exhausted, and Ella is BEYOND exhausted.  Even her teachers at school said something to me about her being very sleepy.

On top of this - she's gotten very jealous / possessive of Zachary and just the overall terrible 2's are in full effect.  Sorry this has gotten so long, but thanks for letting me vent. 

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Re: My child is driving me crazy!

  • I've got nothing, I just wanted to say I am very sorry.  That sounds horrible for all of you.
    My sweet boy :)
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  • This was us a week ago. We decided to re-sleep train. Got the Pack-N-Play in her room and did the CIO method. Guess what- she no longer wakes up at all odd hours of the night and falls asleep faster. We are going to give it another week and then transition her to her bed. We also put a childproof cover on the doorknob so she could not open her door. This means the child will fall asleep somewhere in the room, but they also get the point that they cannot go climb in bed with parents.

    It's very hard to deal with poor sleeping habits, but it's one of those "I'm doing it for your benefit" things...

    Hope you find a method that works and get some rest!

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  • I am sorry you are dealing with this. We transitioned about 6 weeks ago and have one had one escape so far (plus one attempt at climbing her headboard). We pushed her bed along one wall, and got a guard for the other side, plus a headboard. At the foot of her bed we have her blanket folded kind of like a barrier. What we did was not let her climb in or out from the very start, we just put her in like it was a crib, and continually told her it was dangerous for her to get out by herself and that only mommy and daddy put her in and taker her out. It seems to have worked, we also put a door knob cover on the door and a gate at the stairs just in case.

    I may be hesitant to put her back in a crib because she may try to jump out, with a net, she could get tangled or hurt.  From everything I heard this is a normal part of transitioning to a bed, but I am sure it is frustrating for you.




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