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mom of girls - bladder infection question

Last week we noticed Mar was grabbing herself more than usual and then this week, she's had a few accidents.  She's not complained about going potty or said anything hurts her, but having accidents is odd for her.  Do bladder/UTI infections usually have physical symptoms, like pain?  Her accidents (the two big ones) have been in the morning as soon as she's woken up, I should point out, so it's entirely possible she's just not making it to the bathroom in time.

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  • We've had periods of regression with Amelia (thankfully not in a while) so that it could just be some regression.  Juliet has had a UTI and didn't grab or do anything to indicate that she wasn't feeling well.  She had a fever and seemed off.  They almost diagnosed it as a viral thing, but happened to run a urine culture and sure enough it was a UTI.  If you're concerned definitely take her temp and check with her pedi for typical UTI symptoms.
  • Usually UTIs will make her feel a slight "pulling" sensation after she's done peeing.  That is how the symptoms always started for me (I had about 5 milllion as a kid and they came back as a teenager).  She could be having accidents because they make you feel like you have to pee all of the time.  I would go pick up a clean catch specimen cup from the doc and ask them to run it just in case.  It never usually got super painful for me until it was a really bad infection.
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  • My dd didn't do any grabbing but her urine had a very strong/odd odor to it. She;s had two and the first time she had a fever and thats how we caught it. The second time I noticed the same smell and caught it before the fever. She wore diapers at the time so it might have been easier to detect than your DD that goes to the bathroom. You could get her checked just in case.
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