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2nd Trimester

Heart rate and gender?

I know this is an old wives tale but Im curious to see how many people had a high heart rate with the 1st ultrasound and it turned out to be a girl?
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Re: Heart rate and gender?

  • My first was a girl, her heart rate was always around 160-178. This one is a boy and the highest his has been was 150 at 15 weeks. His is usually around 135 now.
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  • For my DD her heartrate was always around 150...This time the heartrate has been 170-180 every visit and it's a boy!
  • My first two were always at 165 and they were boys.  This one started out at 165 and went down to a steady 150-155 and is a boy.
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  • I actually followed the myth.

    High for my DD=174

    Low for my DS=150's..now in the 140's sometimes.

    Who know!? But it's fun to play right!?

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  • With my son at 9 weeks, his HR was 160, and this one at 8 weeks was 160. Both tapered off to around 145 by 12 weeks, and then went down to between 130 and 140 consistently. For this reason alone I figured I was having a boy again, but nope, it's a girl! I didn't realize how much I believed the OWT until I felt disappointed to realize this baby's HR was following the same trends as my sons. I was hoping and feeling like it was a girl, but assumed not based on the HR. The lesson I learned? HR means nothing!
  • DS was between 130-145 and this one was 155-165 and it is a girl.



  • heart rate at 8 weeks was 174, then 157 at 16 weeks and 20 weeks for me. It's a girl, so I guess this owt was in our favor, but with 50/50 odds, it either is, or it isn't!


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    I'm having boy and girl twins. 

    Boy Heart Rate-145-152

    Girl Heart Rate: 158-167

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  • My daughter's was anywhere between 120 to 155 depending on how active she was.
  • My baby's heart rate was 167!!! and our baby is a BOY...  : )

  • 8 wk ultrasound was 170s....every single doppler since then  has been 150s and the 20- wk ultrasound was 150s....and it's a boy :)
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  • My daughters was always around 160 and now I am having another girl and it has been between 145-165 every appt.
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  • Mine with lower and it's a girl.
  • Old wives tale or not, it turned out to ring true for me all 3 times!  We had a lower heartrate for the first ultrasound and each time my babies turned out to be boys!

    Good luck!

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  • DD1 was consistantly high

    DD2 is consistantly low 

     So 5050 for us :)

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  • The heart rate ranged from 150-175... It's a boy!! Everyone was sure it was a girl because of the high heartbeat! :)
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  • Opposite for me.  My first sonogram the heart rate was high and the doctor said that usually means its a girl... the following ultrasound the heart rate was around the same and it was confirmed to be a boy!!  Needless to say, every ultrasound we like to have verbal confirmation that it is still a boy, lol.  34 weeks now and its still a boy!
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