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Spotting update

My u/s this morning went well.  The babies are measuring right on tracke (9w4d and 9w2d) and had strong hb's of 184 and 176.  I saw them wiggle and dance and wave.  It was amazing to see tiny arms and legs.  They've changed so much already.

They could find to cause for the spotting.  We're hoping it was a one time deal and it will stay LONG gone. 

I want to thank you for all of your support yesterday.  It really meant a lot and helped me stay calm. 

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Re: Spotting update

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    I'm glad to hear the babies are doing great. Its the best feeling seeing them wiggling around in there!
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    So happy that the babies are doing well!  Stay away, spotting!
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    etoyamaetoyama member
    Whew! So glad to hear this news!! Yay!
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    Sounds like great news! Isn't it the best thing to see them wiggling around?
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    jcathjcath member
    Glad the babies looked good and fingers crossed for no more spotting.
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    JenCWJenCW member

    That's a great appointment and such good news.

    Those first wiggles and waves are priceless! 

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    jb2rnjb2rn member

    that is wonderful news! I have had spotting on and off (still having it) and it's freaked me out each time. My OB can't find a reason for it, either.

    I am so glad your babes are looking good Smile

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    Bread09Bread09 member
    So glad to hear that all is well.  Isn't it so neat to see them wiggling around?!
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    Glad to hear you had such a great appointment!
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    Mrs. MoMrs. Mo member
    Yay for them doing well !!!!

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    QE2QE2 member
    Wiggles and waves are so fun to watch. Congrats on such a great u/s.
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    I hope the spotting stays away for good!! And seeing the babies wiggle and wave is the cutest thing ever :)
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    Great news, so glad to hear it!
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