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Positive blood pregnancy test... but bleeding like a period for 3 weeks?

Okay... so I never get on here, but I am freaking out and I need some help here. I went to the doctor today because I have been bleeding for the past 3 weeks. I thought I was having a 3 week long period. The blood has gone between heavy and light. So when I went he wanted to do a pregnancy test just to be sure. Well we did a blood test and it came back positive! Wish it good because we have been trying, but now I am flipping out that it isn't for real that I am miscarring or something else it wrong. I have an appointment on Thursday and they are going to try to do an ultrasound to find out what is going on. Has this ever happened to anyone... any thoughts? Thanks!
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Re: Positive blood pregnancy test... but bleeding like a period for 3 weeks?

  • A lot of the ladies on the board have never been pregnant, but bleeding while pregnant is not a good sign. I hope your doctor can help you figure out what's wrong at your appointment Thursday.

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  • did they suggest going in for a second beta to tell if your numbers are doubling? Im sorry you are going through this.. Many T&P.. Good luck Thursday.

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  • Well they are going to do a hormone level test and referred me to the obgyn..... I am military so I had to go to a family doc to get a referral and they can't get my in until Thursday.
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  • It could be a subchorionic hemorrhage. It's not "normal" but it's not uncommon (if that makes sense). You might try posting this on the first trimester board to see if someone's had a similar experience. GL, I hope the u/s turns out OK.

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  • salt78salt78 member
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    It sounds like you had a qualitative blood test and not a quantitative one. (Qualitative is just a yes/no you are pregnant based on a set level that the lab has...quantitative shows exactly how much hCG is in your blood.) You need a quantitative blood test to check your levels and see if they are doubling or not.

    I will say that I still have what might be considered a + blood test after my m/c. Some level of hCG can stay in your blood a little while even after you lose a pregnancy. Some spotting is okay, but generally heavy red flow is not a good sign. My thoughts are with you though and I hope you get some answers on Thursday.

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  • Ellis31Ellis31 member
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    T&P, FX that everything turns out well for you. GL!
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  • I can't say anything the ladies before me haven't already covered. I just wanted to say good luck and I hope by some small miracle this isn't a loss for you.


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  • I agree with Salt.  You need an HCG quant to see if your levels are going up or down.  

    I had a similar experience last cycle that ended up being an early miscarriage.  I bled heavily for 6 days and then had a positive blood test.  My HCG levels went up, down, up and then finally back down to 0.  I bled for four weeks.  It sucked royally, but apparently it can take a long time for HCG to work its way out of your system.

    Sorry you're going through this.  Take care. 

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