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Prenatal yoga classes in Middlesex/Somerset County?

I haven't had much luck finding anything, and was wondering if anyone here has gone for prenatal yoga in the area.


Re: Prenatal yoga classes in Middlesex/Somerset County?

  • HI,

     My name is Marilena. I found one place that has prenatal yoga, if you are interested to go with me let me know. The only small issues is that its in Highland Park, its a 25 min drive for me, longer for you, and it seems they only have classes on Sunday. It's worth a shot.  The name of the place is Pilates and Company, 73 Woodbridge Dr. Highland Park, NJ.  732-317-8634.

  • I can go to the class there in 2 weeks (the Sunday after Memorial Day).  It's actually about 20 minutes from me, so it's not too bad.  if you want to go, let me know, and I'll sign up. 


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  • That sounds great! I think I sent you my personal email address to you, if not let me know and I can send it to you or send me yours. Let's plan the time, I think we might have to register online but I can call and find out if we can pay when we get there. Talk to you soon!



  • Marilena,

    I sent you an email.



  • Hi Girls!  If you find a place closer will you post it here?  I'd be interested in going.

    There's a place in Warren that might offer it, but I am not sure (it's called

  • Hi there! I'm a new mom-to-be due in September living in the Somerset County area. Did you try this pre-natal yoga class? I'd be interested to know how it went. I'm also looking into finding mommy-to-be groups in this area. If you know of any and can share that would be great! Thanks!!
  • i'm also interested if you guys went to the class?  i live in edison, so it's not far.  i am also looking into places in monmouth county.  i would love to meet other new moms-to-be :)
    ~stephanie & john~ dx: PCOS, annovulation baby #1 conceived with IUI EDD: 2/11/12
  • Hi Missy and Apple!  I am in Somerset county too!  I'm hoping to meet moms-to-be too!  I still haven't found a yoga class, but I am going to the doctor in a few weeks and I am going to ask her if she has any suggestions!  If you hear of any groups let me know...if not we should start our own :)
  • Hi PugMama and Apple! Thanks for the responses. There is a place in Hillsborough called Shreeheart Yoga, but I can't seem to find any pre-natal classes on the schedule. I tried calling but no answer. I'll try again but am guessing maybe they took them off the schedule b/c of lack of interest?  I've searched for mom-to-be/new mom groups but have been unsuccessful. When are you ladies due? I work in education and am home taking classes and preparing for baby this summer (I'm due September 20th) so I'd love to do coffee or something and talk about starting a group! It would be great to have some other new moms to get together with especially once the babies come!


    Let me know if you're interested! My email is [email protected] 

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