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A bit anxious...


I'm 37 years old and pregnant for the 1st time (9 weeks)! I'm super excited, but a bit nervous too...here's why: I don't have much symptoms, aside from my breast being a bit tender (but totally bearable) and being tired (but let's be honest: who's not tired?). I don't have nausea, no weird cravings, no aversion to anything or heighten sense of smell... Nothing. Could that be a bad sign? Like I'm not producing enough hormones? Could that be a sign that my baby is not healthy?

 Any feedback would be appreciated!


Re: A bit anxious...

  • I'm 36 and pregnant for the 1st time. I am 38 weeks and I had no symptoms that early on. The only way I knew I was pregnant was my positive pregnancy test. I never had morning sickness, just mild nausea (sp??).


    Don't worry, your baby is fine. Every woman is different the way her body responds to pregnancy. Your baby is fine. And your so early on, enjoy no symptoms now because, trust me, you will have something at some point. Many symptoms are not pleasant but they are reassuring.


    Just relax and congratulations, mama! 

  • Thank you Najii! I'm trying not to worry too much! We've already had an ultrasound and we heard the heart so that was encouraging! I'll let you know as symptoms appear! :) Congrats to you too!
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  • Definitely don't worry....like Najii said, every pregnancy is different.  I am 33 and am in my 34th week.  I had no symptoms for the first trimester except maybe 5 short bouts of nausea over the course of 12 weeks.  Just be happy you are having an easy pregnancy and enjoy the ride!!



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  • I was the same- no nausea or aversions-  except I had very severe constipation which was just awful. Im now 31 weeks and baby is healthy and on track. Everyone is different, just try not to worry and stress.  Good luck!!! 



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