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First, I love your new pic. Great pic of you guys! hips go numb also. Everyday...a few times everyday. Totally sucks. My midwife says its the pressure...ugh.

Hope you get the furniture thing worked out...I feel your pain!


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    Thank you, thank you! I've not a had a chance to go through the new siggy's and am just now seeing yours and it's super cute! : )

    I'm pretty sure I spend hours tossing and turning as far as the sleep goes. Does this happen to you too? I'm almost too big to sleep in the jack knife position too. I'm surprised I'm already getting so uncomfortable. Ugh!

    The furniture situation is a whole other ball game. When do you go for your DR appt?! They're doing a biopsy right?

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    Thank you!

    I do too. My limit on 1 side is probably 2 hours...and at that point I have to pee anyways, so I will switch sides. It makes for LONG nights that is for sure. When I sleep past 2 hours I get so excited.

    We had issues with DS's furniture too...but now at least we don't have to buy new stuff for this LO cause it also was high quality and lasted great.  So hopefully once you get all the kinks worked out it will be worth it. (Keeping my fingers crossed for you.)

    Regarding the biopsy, I got irritated with the doctor that I saw because no one has called me yet to schedule the biopsy (I went in on last Wednesday.) I called this am and they said, I needed to be referred to another dept to do the someone should be calling me within 48 hours. Just more time to stress. :) (Thanks for asking.)

    EDIT: I just saw we are only 2 days apart! Kinda cool!

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