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Childcare and inclement weather policy

What policy does your childcare (nanny, in-home or center) follow for inclement weather? I know it seems silly to think about when summer is here, but I'm realizing we had it really good with our first provider. Since it was in-home, her policy was "if you can get here, we're open regular hours." That worked well for us - I think we only missed a couple of days during the Snowpocalypse!

Our new place follows MoCo public schools, which delay or close at the drop of a hat. Come winter it will throw a wrench into our schedule, so I'm just wondering what the norm in the area is.

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Re: Childcare and inclement weather policy

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    Our in-home used to be pretty lenient - if we could get up the hill to her house (easier said than done in snow, since their street never gets plowed), she would watch the kids.  But her own kids are now in two different school districts (one must be at a magnet?) and so she's following Arlington County for closings and delays to at least follow what her daughter is doing.  Thank goodness Arlington is pretty reasonable and doesn't close on most days I could easily get to work.
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  • Honestly, I don't even know what mine is.  I am a teacher, so I just don't take DS to daycare on snow days.  I think ours is that they are open all days no matter what. But if FCPS is closed, it will be daycare only.  Meaning no new lessons taught (they go up to grade 3).

    I know my friend's DCP follows the Federal Government for closing.

  • We got screwed by our in-home care center's policy this year. She follows Prince William County and I had to take 5 days between January and February to cover "snow" days. It is the only reason we are looking for alternative care options.
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  • Our in-home follows the Federal Gov't. There were a few times this winter that I found it funny that she was opening two hours late considering she does not have to go anywhere!
  • Our in-home follows federal government for all closings and delays. This doesn't affect us because I'm a teacher, but I do have a friend who is not a teacher and daycare follows PWC schools, and she always had to take leave on those days.
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  • ours is in Loudoun but does NOT follow LCPS' schedule, thankfully. They decide when to open and close. They had a few late opening days this winter and I think only 1, at most 2, closed ones.


  • Our in-home policy is that if we can get there she is open.  Although her road is not high up on the 'to-be-plowed' list, if I can make it from G'burg out to Olney then I have never had a problem getting to her house.  If the weather is bad enough I just stay home anyway since my commute is already long enough without huge weather delays.
  • Our in-home provider is basically if we can get there, she's open.

    DD #1's preschool follows Fairfax County - including winter break, spring break, teacher work days - and they also are closed a week in June to "prepare" for summer camp, and two weeks in August right before Labor Day... it's a LOT of days off.  This is when I'm grateful that my parents are local for back up daycare.

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  • We were split between two in-home daycares for DD and one of the big Pros for the place we ultimately selected was that she did not follow Fairfax Co. schools. We don't have anyone who could take DD if they closed because of weather. The two other places we visited followed Fairfax County, so I'm not sure what's "normal" around here.
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  • Our center follows Alexandria City Public Schools for all day closures and early dismissal. If ACPS opens late, our daycare opens on time.
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