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We went to the movies yesterday!

LO did fantastic. We weren't quite able to time the feeding so she slept through the whole thing, but we were able to give her a bottle of bm, and watch the movie- we sat at the back of the theater though, so entering and exiting was easy

we saw forks over knives, and it was good if anyone is interested :)

Re: We went to the movies yesterday!

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    Wow - I'm impressed!
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  • I'm seriously considering this. I posted it on 0-3 and pretty much everyone said it was a bad idea. But LO is freakishly good. She's 5 weeks and I've never heard the kid cry. She yells a little when she's hungry. But I figured I'd feed her first/during previews. And she'll sleep through it. I also think we'll try a day movie and sit in the back just in case. I would be mad if a baby cried while I was watching a movie, so I wanna make sure I can get a quick escape if I need to.

    There's also this thing called baby movies or something. A theatre near us has like one movie a week that they play at noon, which the lights dim and the sound turned down for mom's/people with babies. I thought that sounds fun for just me and LO maybe. H would never sit in a theatre full of babies, he'd freak out. hahah. 

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  • We took E to his first Sounders match yesterday. He did great the first half and then couldn't get comfortable with his baby headphones on during the second half so I took him inside and watched on the tv.
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  • We have gone as well. Little one did great.
  • OMG this is so great, I never even thought to attempt going to the movies.
  • We took our LO to see Thor and he did fine. I guess it just depends on your baby. Mine have always done well in the theater.
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