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Question for NY moms...

I'm thinking of spending Christmas in the city with my husband and son (1 yr old). Everytime I tell someone this in hot ass houston (where we live), they become shocked because they think we'll freeze our son to death. I've never been, but think of the families that do and I know y'all don't stay in the house all winter so I was hoping for some answers to my questions:

Will it snow in December?

Recommend a winter coat?

Am I going to need to bring a car seat if I'm staying in Manhattan?

What do you all do in the winter months with your children?

 Thanks for any help...

Re: Question for NY moms...

  • hmm, i've been here for 3 winters now.  i hope my answers help.

     will it snow in dec? - in the 3 winters i've lived here i think it only snowed in december once... and that was last year at the beginning of the month for only 1 or 2 days.  i was actually out of town so i missed it, but a fellow new yorker reminded me recently that snow came "early" last year.  usually i think it comes in january or feb.  so... you never know.  but i have found that when it snows here in the city, it's not so bad.  maybe i'm just used to it by now though.

     winter coat rec - anything puffy and/or w/ a wool lining?!  my baby was born in february 08 and her winter coats we from old navy, baby gap, and babies r us. 

    car seat in manhattan? - if you plan on taking a cab, you have to supply your own car seat.  drivers will still pick you and your child up w/o one, but i wouldn't chance my child riding in a cab w/o one.  i don't know what other new yorkers do... right now we're still using an infant car seat, so we're lucky in that for now it's more portable than a convertible... how will you get from the airport to the city?  some car services might have car seats... not sure.  alternatively, you could also just take the train everywhere (even from the airport)... it's very easy, but just more time consuming, esp for a tourist, i'd say. but still very do-able.

    what do i do in the winter months w/ DD? - well as i mentioned before, her first winter was spent as a newborn... so she didn't do much but eat, sleep and poop ;)  but for a 1 year old here during Christmas... some thoughts: take him/her to kid-friendly shows, see the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, go to Central Park, go to kid's museums...


    oh another tidbit, i'm loving the BundleMe by JJ Cole right now.  it keeps my baby super warm in her stroller and/or car seat.  eliminates the need for huge jackets all the time.  i also keep the rain cover on her stroller to shield her from the wind.


  • I'm pregnant with my first and live in Manhattan.  My husband and I moved here from Chicago, so we think winters here are so mild, but I hate the cold, so it's better than Chicago. 


    It does snow here, but in the city, it's gone so quickly.  It does rain here and when it's cold, it freezes up, obviously.  It's really pretty, but also a pain to walk around in.  I doubt it will snow in December, but mother nature isn't so predictable.


    I would bring a coat as it does get cold here, especially if you aren't used to cold weather.  In the very least, wear layers, you can add and remove as needed based on where you are at any given time.


    I would bring a car seat, I'm going to have one and we hardly ever drive.  When my husband and I fly we take a cab or car service to and from the airport so you would need one then.  You can't count on taking the subway 100% of the time as you aren't familiar with where every line takes you and sometimes it's just easier, although a little more expensive, to take a cab.  I wouldn't want to take my little one into a cab without a car seat.


    I can't think of anything beyond what others have said already.  Rockefeller plaza would be great, it's so pretty and the giant tree is beautiful and will make nice pictures.  Central Park is pretty, and maybe you could take a carriage ride, or the zoo there. I know I want to do that with Bella when she arrives.  There's the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show but you would have to buy tickets before you get here.  You could check out the holiday window displays at all the big department stores.  I can't think of anything else right now, but I'll post again if I come up with anything else.

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