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Finally home from hospital (Long)

So Sunday night I kept throwing up which isn't normal for me.. So Monday when I woke up I had alot of stomach pain. I figured i was dehydrated so I drank a ton of water! Then threw up for the next couple of hours. So I called my Dr to see if she thought I should go to the ER to get hydrated. She said yes so to the ER I went. First thing they did was start hydrating me. They ordered an ultrasound on my gall bladder. So like an hour after the u/s the Dr came in and said "We are admitting you, & a surgeon will be in to talk to you." So Im freaking out!!!! The surgeon doesnt come in until Tuesday morning! So they starved me all day Monday and my nerves were all over the place!! The surgeon tells me that my gall bladder is full of stones and needs to be removed asap. But there is a risk of miscarriage. So I tell him I dont wanna have the surgery that I'll stay on antibiotics and a diet that wont make it act up. He tells me that I'll just be back in with the same problem every week. So Wednesday he comes back in and says that he's not willing to discharge me until I really think about the surgery & if i'm positive I dont want it then Thursday he'll release me. So I'm crying by then b/c I miss my kids. I just wanna go home but I dont wanna keep going in to the hospital for the same problem. So I discuss this with DH and we decide surgery is best. I had my gall bladder removed Thursday morning. & I'm finally home now. I'm in pain but I'm so glad baby is ok!!!
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Re: Finally home from hospital (Long)

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