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Back from OB...

So I had an OB appt tonight to check on the little man....since the u/s tech at the Peri's office was the one who originally told us baby was a boy at 15w, my OB decided to check it out for himself...and he confirmed, we are in fact team blue, so that was good. He did still see a small spot signifying that my SCH is STILL there...he couldn't measure it on his dinky machine so I have to wait until the Peri appt next week to see if it shrunk but in any event OB said its so small he's confident it will disappear and not to worry.  He really didn't seem concerned at all..

The baby was a wiggle worm and super active!! Ahh,I'm so in love...all looks good :)

Hope you all had a great day!!

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Re: Back from OB...

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    etoyamaetoyama member
    Yay for a great appointment! So glad your little guy is looking good and psyched to hear your SCH is barely there! Bout darned time that thing hit the road :)
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    so glad it went well!!!
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    Awesome news about the SCH! So glad you got a little peace of mind.
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    Hooray for a good appt and almost gone SCH!
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    great news!

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    I'm sorry your SCH is still there but congrats on the boy confirmation!
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    Sounds like a good appointment!
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