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Telling after 9 week u/s? What are your thoughts?

I've had two ultrasounds so far and I've been released to my regular OB.  I go for an ultrasound there on May 16.  DH and I really want to tell people after that appointment, but I'm scared.  I also teach 5th grade and I would like to tell my kids before school is out.  What are your thoughts on this?  I'm so excited, but so scared.
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Re: Telling after 9 week u/s? What are your thoughts?

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    That's when we started telling. I was going to wait until 12ish weeks, but all my ultrasounds at the RE were excellent, and I was released to the OB. My RE said after seeing the heartbeat, the risks of miscarriage went down (I know there is still a risk, but we were ready to share our news). I figured at that point, I wanted to celebrate our joy instead of living in fear and secrecy. 

    Good luck with your decision! 

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    That's when we told as well. It is very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. But DH and I wanted to share the news plus I was already starting to show!

    Good luck!!!

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    Mrs. MoMrs. Mo member
    We told at that point as well. We had already seen the hb twice so we knew we were in a decent position.

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    etoyamaetoyama member
    I think if you're comfortable telling people then, then you should go for it.
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    Our immediate family, close friends, and a few of my coworkers (immediate team members) knew within the first 12 weeks -- these were the people that knew we went through IVF.  

    Everyone else found out at at 14.5 weeks, when we announced on Valentine's Day. 

    Do whatever you're comfortable with...  For us, those in our inner circle, knew of our IF struggles and were our biggest supporters throughout.  Good Luck!

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    I am a little bit scarred/jaded from my first pregnancy, but I wouldn't do it. 

    My u/s looked great until 10-11 weeks when the doctor told me there was a big problem.  At 12 weeks the MFM dr. all but told me that it was a matter of time.  Lost the baby at about 16 weeks.  It was so much easier to deal with because I hadn't told people.  I can't even imagine going through all of that with everyone knowing. 

    I'm not trying to freak you out because the odds are that everything will be just fine.  Based on my experience though, I wouldn't do it.

    With my 2nd (current) pregnancy, I told people after my NT scan at 12w1d. 

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    We told after our 7w u/s, so I don't see anything wrong with telling as soon as you feel comfortable.
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    Personally, I wouldnt.

    I am also jaded by a "it happened to me" story.  Long story but we were changing OB's  so i went to an OB apt on a Friday and everything was 100% perfect.  Strong HB in the 160's, perfect position, cutie little wiggles, perfect.  I had another OB apt on Monday (3 days later) and there was no HB - it was all over.

    We had planned on telling everyone the weekend after the good apt but DD got really sick and we ended up not going to the cookout where we were going to announce then after - post on FB...   so we didnt tell.   I was SO glad I didnt. 

    This time around I told my close friends/family that I would want to support me and had been following/supporting my IF journey.  But I think it would be an incredibly difficult thing to explain to a group of children that young if, God forbid, anything were to happen.


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    grazygrazy member
    I also teach fifth grade. I told me students at 13 or 14 weeks. I didn't want to tell them sooner because I was nervous.?
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    HelsHels member

    It's totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. 

    We waited until after the NT scan at 12 weeks.  

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    I think it's really up to you and if you and your DH feel comfortable telling people, then you should. Congrats on being released and good luck on the 16th!

    *Hit's nail on head*


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    I agree with everyone who says that you and husband are really the only ones who can decide.  I've told as early as 4 weeks and as late as 17 weeks.

    I will say, however, that my miscarriages have had the opposite effect on me from the other posters.  I lost a baby at 14 weeks after seeing the heartbeat many times and having a great NT scan and blood work and it made me realize that you're really not safe at any time during pregnancy and so what are you going to do - wait until you have the baby to tell everyone? 

    Being excited and scared are nomal.  Best of luck in your decision.


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    We told everyone when we got our BFP, and then when we found out triplets, we call everyone a few days later. depends on you! There's always a possibility something could happen, but there is for ANY why keep it in if you're excited! Spread the JOY!!! :)
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    you should do what you feel comfortable with. we told parents right away, siblings at 7wks and close family at 10. we didn't officially announce to everyone else till 13wks. 

    good luck!! 

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    Swede25Swede25 member
    Having gone through 2 losses, each ultrasound and good thing happening has been such a milestone. BUT, in the beginning I continuously thought about how it was when I told people and then had to "untell" them in the past. Not saying you will have to do that, but just why I didn't feel comfortable letting people outside our immediate families know until we were in 2nd tri.

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