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I finished my paper!!! NTTGPR

I am just sharing my excitement that I have finally finished the 20-page paper for my graduate class that has been hanging over my head for weeks. It was due at 5 today and despite getting a terrible 24-hour fever Tuesday evening into Wednesday, sleeping most of Wednesday and then not sleeping a wink last night, it is finished!! And my life is my own again. I am very very happy and proud, and just celebrated with two big glasses of delicious sangria while out with an IRL friend who is also TTC. Happy Thursday everyone!
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Re: I finished my paper!!! NTTGPR

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    Yeah!!! Good for you. I'm a student too, so I completely understand your stress! Go out and celebrate! 
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    PegletPeglet member
    Ha ha, thanks, I'm going to celebrate with sleep now!
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    Great news! :) I'm glad you are finished, I'm sure that is a huge weight off of your shoulders. I was in your shoes just last week and I am now finished with my graduate class! It's a great feeling...enjoy it!


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    I am jealous! You are free for the semester and I am not yet :( I keep telling myself, December, you will be done with this masters in December.
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