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Outed Myself At Work

A really nosy woman I work with actually asked me if I was pg 2 days ago!  I guess in certain things you can see a bit of a bump.  So, I figured I had to tell my boss at least.  He was on vacation and I just told him and his boss this morning. 

I was so nervous telling them - not b/c I'm afraid of any career reprecussions but just b/c it makes me nervous to tell people.  I was less nervous about it last week when we told friends b/c we had just had a Dr. appt. and heard the heartbeat.  Now it's been a week since that appt. so it makes me nervous...

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Re: Outed Myself At Work

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    I had a client ask I figured it was time to tell my work as well :)
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    I completely understand.  It was hard for me not to keep my pregnancy a secret, because everyone knew at work that I was going through IVF.  I work in a pretty small office, so taking off that much time caught people's attention and they figured it out.  Just try to relax, and everything will work out!  I am 31 weeks now, and I still get nervous making any plans for the baby!!! I scheduled my baby showers immediately after a doctor's appointment, just so that I would have the peace of mind that the baby was fine the day before.  My husband calls it paranoia, but I honestly can't help it.

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    etoyamaetoyama member
    Congrats on coming out at work!
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    I found that once the secret was out, its easier to get excited about being pregnant.  Congrats on coming out!
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    How rude of her to ask you that!
    m/c 7/17/10
    Dx: MFI- 3% morph
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    My boss and coworkers (there are only 4 of us total in the lab, including my boss) knew I was doing treatments so they knew about when I would be expecting to know if it worked or not.  I told my female coworker the morning after I got my first positive HPT at home the night before... but waited to tell my boss until I got my positive beta.  I told my male coworker after we saw the heartbeat at my 6w u/s... it was also my birthday that day and we were all going out for lunch so it made sense. 

    I waited to tell my HR rep until I was out of first tri just to let her know in case I needed to fill out paperwork, etc.  People from other labs in our same Center are starting to notice and find out, but I didn't make a big announcement and don't plan to.  When I get farther along, it will travel through the grapevine on its own.  :)

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    congrats on coming out!!! i felt so liberated after i came out!
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    it's a girl!!

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    JenCWJenCW member

    Happy coming out day!

    As hard as it is to start telling people, at some point they're going to find out!  It's hard to hide a bump forever. : ) 

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    jcathjcath member
    I think it's great - we shouldn't be prisoners of our fear forever.
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    I can't believe people ask that. But it sounds like it went well with your bosses. Congrats on coming out!
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    I totally feel the same way, it just makes me nervous to start telling people.  It was ok to keep it within my inner circle of close family and friends.  But now starting to tell work and the rest of the family (like aunts and uncles) is a little bit scary.  I don't have another appt until next Friday, I think I need a weekly check-in just to be sure!!! :)
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