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who can answer my pumping questions??

1- can you thaw more than one bag of milk and then combine them in the same bottle for the feeding? (I pumped for the first time yesterday and got only one ounce.)

2-  what temperature do you thaw to? I've heard that your baby can be fine taking breastmilk that is straight from the fridge, and it makes it easier because you don't have to heat it up. does anyone do this?

Re: who can answer my pumping questions??

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    1-yep combine em!

    2-my dd used to take chilly milk but now is more resitant to it.  I also heard that even if they will take cold milk, it could upset their bellies so I now always warm



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    1.  Yep.  As many as you need to make up the bottle.

    2.  You can, technically....but most babies don't like it.  My DD has taken one twice, but its only b/c she was desperate and mommy wasn't she did it cause she probably thought she had no choice.  I would warm it, easier on their tummies and esophagus.

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    1. Yes. I have, at least...

    2.  I just warmed it to room temp (filled a bottle and put it in a mug w/hot water until it was room temp.) I give everything to her room temp.

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    1. I combine them, and haven't noticed any problems!

    2. I fill a cup with hot water and warm the bag of milk to room temp.

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    1. yes you can!

    2. I EP and never give my DD milk that isn't straight from the fridge, since I make up all her bottles the night before. Warming it isn't a medical necessity.

    I like my milk cold, why shouldn't she?

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    You can combine them, but you don;t have to freeze the 1oz you get right away. If you're planning on pumping again within the next day or two, i would just stick it in the fridge.  Once you have enough for a feeding, freeze it all together.  That way you don't waste freezer bags--they're so expensive!

    I thaw it w/hot water and serve it at room temp. 

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