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Hi Ladies,I am in search of a doctor affiliated with Beth Israel. I live in NH so I'm hopeful to find an office somewhere in the mid-way point. I have stumbled upon BI's Lexington office and wondered if anyone has seen Dr. Allegra Deucher? If so, please let me know what you think of her and the practice if you can. Thanks!  
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  • I am about to visit her in June. Can tell you then! Also I used to visit the office and see Dr. Denise Morin before she left for Harvard Vanguard. She was nice, the group has some good doctors and some not-so-warm ones. Overall the hospital was great, nurses great, the group was VERY competent and so the less than fuzzy feeling was fine with some of them. The doctor who delivered my baby girl shares Dr. Deucher's office, Koblin. He rocks but I have a thing about going to dudes regularly. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck! It's a wild ride!
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