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help! he stopped sucking

My son is almost a month and has been BFing fine.  He latched from day 1 and the only issue has been sometimes falling asleep during feedings. Now, the past day or 2,he seems to forget how to suck!  He will latch and eat for a few minutes, then just sort of hold my nipple in his mouth for a minute.  Then he gets frustrated and shakes his head back and forth and cries. 

I thought maybe he wasn't getting enough, so I pumped and gave him a bottle (he has taken bottles without a problem before) and he just kind of played with the bottle in his mouth- he wasn't actually drinking.  I figured he must not be hungry, so I let it go.  Next feeding, same thing.  This morning he had a good feeding, but then after that it's been every time... just "drinks" for 1-3 minutes, then gets frustrated and just flails and screams. 

Any ideas?  we're both frustrated and he had weight issues week 1, so I'm nervous about him not eating enough as he is just back to his birth weight.  help! Sad


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Re: help! he stopped sucking

  • Thats EXACTLY how my daughter was. I had a hard time with her. It was like 1 1/2 hr feedings with her, and she would fight it for some of it. I just kept going, just keep trying. We had to have her tongue clipped because she was tongue tied. Also had ALOT of help from lactation consultants. Maybe thats something you may be interested in? It took a good month for us to get it down. We had problems from almost day 1 though. Do you think gas may be involved?
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  • Gas does this to DD.  She eats well for a few then freaks out.  We had to ride it out w her and she's back to normal finally!  Took 2 weeks of fussiness and gas and no sleep to get to where we are (sttn and great eater)
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