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Random bump observation & poll of sorts

There are two very close horizontal scars just inside my belly button from an appendectomy in Oct., and then my ectopic in December.  Now that I have a rather round bump, they are no longer inside my belly button and create this funny indention in my bump.  Just going to consider it "character" for now.  I would post a pic, but I don't know how to take one with my phone and put it on the computer Embarrassed

What makes your bump unique?  Aside from that LO growing in there, of course!

Re: Random bump observation & poll of sorts

  • I don't know if its necessarily unique, but mine has a bit of a lump to it right now.  The top part is my chubby belly (I was overweight before getting pg) and the bottom is the baby.

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  • Nothing too unique. I scar really easy so I have quite a few scars from when I was younger and a total tomboy but that is it.

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    I'm sure it's this way on other ladies, but I have a few observations about mine- first, at 31w, it's still innie- I'm surprised. Second, it's gotten smaller- I can tell because it used to be pierced, and now both sides of the piercing are on the outside. And finally, the skin around it (that used to be in it) is wicked soft. All kind of unexpected.
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  • I am an outie already- I popped weeks and weeks ago.  It was the same with DD.  My problem is that I have scoliosis, so my belly button is crooked!  It's not in the middle of my stomach, it's off to one side, and my belly points to one side as well. 
  • I have a scar by my belly button.  I had it pierced and I flipped my niece over my head.  Well, it had a hanging charm that got stuck to her clothes and when I flipped her, it ripped out.  Oddly enough, no blood.  I used to see a tiny bit of the scar, but now I see the whole thing.  Still an innie right now.
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  • I had laparoscopic surgery about 10 years ago to remove an ovarian cyst, and I have a scar in my belly button from where they went in with the scopey thing. I could never see it before, but now that my innie is slowly becoming an outie (not quite there yet), I can see the scars.

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  • I have a plus sign  (they missed with the 1st try) in my belly button from my ectopic in Oct., as well as 2 other little scars from the surgery.  I guess it's character from now......but I plan on getting my belly button fixed after the baby.  It looks terrible. I also have holes where my belly was pierced.

    I am a little worried since my aunt told me after she got her tubes tied-she went back & had her belly button looked at & they had to do a surgery to repair it because it could turn into a hernia.  Indifferent

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