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Pregnant after a Loss


Is your dog in your sig a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? We have one (though he's a mix) and he is just the sweetest little love. 
After two losses, a rainbow arrived! DD born 11.5.11
Dx with severe Asherman's syndrome after a botched PP D&C (pursuing med mal)
Hysteroscopy Oct '13, not enough progress 
Hysteroscopy Jan '14, given an end-of-the-road diagnosis
Joined International Asherman's Association April '14 
Not ready to give up yet.
Hysteroscopy with Dr. Isaacson (an expert in the USA) 6.2.14: Good prognosis, at least 50% of cavity open.
Repeat hysteroscopy scheduled with Dr. I on 6.16.14. Great progress. Unbenched!!!!
Discussing actively TTC with DH after the heartache of the last year. We're both reeling.
Please, please, please. 

Re: ~*toriwc*~

  • No, he's just a mutt :)  We see cocker in him, but some people see golden retriever in him too (though he only weighs 30 lbs).  He's my Sydney and the first love of my life!  I love Cavaliers though.  I think they are just adorable.
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