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Swelling Anyone?

Is anyone else having swollen ankles by the end of the day? I know it happens during pregnancy, but wasn't sure it happening this early was normal.

Re: Swelling Anyone?

  • Warmer weather and, of course, days after I've had lots of salt are the days I've noticed some swelling.

    I remember other ladies talking about at least their hands swelling the other day, and many of those seemed to be linking it to warm weather.

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  • I think it depends on a variety of factors, how hot the weather is, what type of shoes you wear, are you standing all day, etc. Also, if you are heavier set to begin with, you may swell earlier. 18 weeks is a little early I think, most women's feet swell around 32 weeks or so, mine usually start earlier, around 22 weeks for my left foot and about 28 for my right. Its weird, but it happened last time and I see it happening now. 


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  • My feet always FEEL swollen by the end of the day, but they don't actually LOOK swollen ever =/
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  • I guess it is this lovely Texas heat! I thought about buying some support hose...guess I will talk to my Dr. at my next appointment.
  • Not yet for me. But with DD starting at the beginning of July (about 28 weeks with her) my legs were like tree trunks (my ankles were larger than my knees lol). I had to buy elastic shoes to wear to work. So i'm ready for the worst.


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  • image newtoitall:
    I guess it is this lovely Texas heat! I thought about buying some support hose...guess I will talk to my Dr. at my next appointment.

    I have swelling too if I am on my feet for extended periods of time, and I'm here in central Texas (where we have not gotten a drop of rain!). It's completely normal. Heck, back in my hey day when I played soccer, my whole body swelled up from the heat. the heat is more than likely a factor as well as increased water intake and, in my case, increased salt intake so the fluids do not just rush right through me. :)

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  • I experienced some feet swelling last week when it got up in the 90s here and I was out walking around all day.  It took a few days for it to go down and now everything looks back to normal.  Try to drink plenty of water, keep your legs elevated and lay on your left side will help the circulation.
  • My feet are already swelling and I'm not heavyset or anything. I find if I sit up for too long (like at work), my feet will start swelling later in the afternoons. And especially so at night when I'm on the laptop sitting on the couch. But as long as I put my feet up on something, the swelling isn't so bad. I put a small square filing box upside-down under my desk to put my feet up. I'll have to watch my sodium intake for a few days and see if that changes the severity of the swelling.

    This is my first Texas summer, though... so we'll see how it treats me along with all my new and lovely pregnancy symptoms. ..

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  • I started getting them about two weeks ago.  Fingers and ankles/feet. Boo!  It happens on days when I spend more time than usual on my feet in non-running shoes or when I drink less than usual.  
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