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My Own Pitty Party :(

So DH is out of town tonight and of my three close friends, one is sick, one is doing a jewelry party (she's a premier designer rep) and the third has been hanging out with this girl she met in college and is going out for a bar hop...

The one going bar hopping and I are close but havent hung out in a while since she has been very busy this semester with school.  I know I am pregnant and cant drink, but I'm pitty-ing myself for two reasons: 1. I miss hanging out with her and 2. I'm secretly jealous of this new friend...  Embarrassed

I know it is just pregnancy hormones but I wish she would still say "Hey, you wanna come?" (though my answer would be "no, cant drink and I am tired= no fun for me") so that I know she's still interested in being this pregnant girls friend...

Oh well, I get to relax on the couch and "hang out" with you ladies!  So...what are you doing tonight...???

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Re: My Own Pitty Party :(

  • Aw! Sorry! I totally feel ya. All my friends are graduating this semester (I have ONE stinking class left!) and are totally celebrating. My best friend, who is close to losing that title, is "boycotting my bar hopping" and everybody seems to think that no drinking= no bars. What? Sorry, but I've totally been to bars and sipped a lemonade all night. Why can't I now?! Aghh!!

    So I'm right there with ya. Although, I am in a recliner not on a couch!

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  • DH went to a diaper party (aka the fights) with a large grou of frineds and I am here with our 4 boys who are relaxing watching Spongebob Squarepants the movie (I hate spongebob). So I've been laying on my bed on the computer and now I'm getting hungry again and thinking about making quesadillas. lol
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  • Me too...the invites out on the weekend have definately diminshed since I have been pregnant. I think it makes DH a little angry, but I dont care. I wouldn't mind going out, but most bars are smoking and now that im starting to show it makes a little more uncomfortable! haha!! My DH is still working, he is on call this weekend and been gone all day...blah! I had a whole list of stuff to get done but I slept instead! So im on the couch looking for nursery inspiration...Im so not creative or artsy and thinking im going to have to mix and match and possibly make things myself to get the look I want...scary! Im sorry you are having a pitty party, but IM right there with ya!


  • I will join your party!  My husband have been away for 3 weeks at a training class and will not be home until next Saturday.  I have been fine by myself but today we had nicer weather than we have had in a LONG time and I felt a little sad.  I remember hanging out with friends, drinking wine, and enjoying the girl company.  I can't say my single friends are ignoring me, maybe I need to reach out more and say "I'm still fun!".   But I am not 100% sure I still am.  :)


    The best part of tonight is I can actively feel my little girl.  It is amazing!  Hope all your nights end up a little bit better.

  • Thanks ladies!  It's nice to know I am not alone!

    I have been online searching nursery ideas...I have found a few great ones that I cant wait to show DH!

    Beer here is one for us all!

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  • I have noticed I am not invited to a lot either but I think it's because people know that I am pregnant and would much rather be at home in my sweats on the couch. I am totally blamming the baby lol :)
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