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Baby SHower for 3rd baby?

Anyone know the etiquette for baby showers for a 3rd pregnancy? Help!

Re: Baby SHower for 3rd baby?

  • How much older are the first 2 kids? And the sex?

    Generally, I'd say no, but there are circumstances where I think its OK. 

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  • We are having a "Sprinkle" for my sister in law.  A low key, much smaller shower.
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  • We are on baby number 4 between us and I am finally having a girl and my BFF has not only offered to throw us a babyshower but insisted on it. I have never registered before and I've bought all big ticket items myself in the past. This time around we will still use the same crib but I am adding a multi-use diaper changing table, a new travel system (our car seat has gone through 2 boys and is pretty worn) and of course some girly items. I do not expect anyone to buy any of the big ticket items this time around either but I did put them on our registry through BRU. I also put the nursery items and decor. It will be easier for me to order off a registry later down the line then searching for everything individually. With that being said, I only had a baby shower with DS#1 and with the other boys we still received items and little hygiene products and stuff but it was from coworkers when I went on leave and from friends/family when baby came. I'm getting excited about it actually because all the girly stuff is going to be so much fun!! Embarrassed
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  • In my culture we have a shower for every child.  After the first child, the showers aren't as big on presents, but it's more of a celebration of a new life coming.  On the invites you can put that gifts are optional if it's the same sex.  People don't go to showers w/o presents, so you'll get some little things anyway.  You get a lot of it if you have two of one gender already, and all of a sudden you have a different gender coming.

    Every child deserves to have baby shower pictures in their baby book to look back on. They should each feel special. 

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  • I think every baby deserves a shower but probably scale down the registry items since a lot of people think that you should save baby items in between children.
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  • My friend and I are having a shower for #4 but our youngest are 8 and 10 years so we have nothing baby and this is my DH first baby so everyone wants to celebrate.

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