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Trouble buying baby items b/c PGAL?

I had read in Baby Bargains that 20 weeks was a good time to order baby furniture.  DH and I went to BRU to do so, and we thought we might register while we were there.  We aren't going to have any time next weekend and the nearest baby store period is 45 minutes away.

Long story short, we found the furniture, sat down to order, and when I found out the return policy is 90 days, I panicked.  I said to DH, "I can't do this."  I will presumably and hopefully still be pregnant in 90 days (The furniture only takes a week to come in).  I think he thinks I am being ridiculous.  The whole thing brought me way down, so we walked around the store, but didn't register. It didn't help that despite doing research and having Baby Bargains with me, I was totally overwhelmed.

 So we have exactly 2 things for the baby.  A blanket a coworker of mine made for us, and a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey DH bought for her.  I can't seem to do any other shopping.  Is anyone else like this b/c of their history of loss?

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Re: Trouble buying baby items b/c PGAL?

  • Yes, I am. I have bought a diaper bad (could be a purse if something happens) and I think that is it. I can't bring myself to do it.
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  • I've been adding to my cloth diaper stash (which I started before I was pregnant again) but other than that DH and I bought a toy and an elephant outfit. I broke down in BRU the first time I tried to even go look. Being PGAL is really, really hard. I'm sorry that you're struggling but I just want you to know you're not alone.
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  • I bought a onesie the other day, but that's it. Even then it's still in the bag in the other room with the doorclosed. The idea of buying anything else freaks me out. Maybe I just need to be a little farther along.
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  • I am sorry it has been so hard for you. I hope it will get easier. Hugs!

    I can totally agree. I haven't bought any furniture. We have some CD's and one outfit and that's about it. I tell myself I want to wait until after the showers but it is a mix of that and being too scared that something will happen and I will have tons of baby stuff. Being PgAL is hard.

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  • We didn't do much of anything until week 30 (I painted a few weeks before, but that's it).  Now I have 7 weeks left and really need to scramble, but it still feels so far away/not quite real most days. 

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  • I told my whole family I don't want to even SEE baby things until am 24 weeks. My mom and sister get it, my ILs think I'm insane...but too bad. I will feel better about it after V- day.
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    I am sorry it has been so hard for you. I hope it will get easier. Hugs!

    I can totally agree. I haven't bought any furniture. We have some CD's and one outfit and that's about it. I tell myself I want to wait until after the showers but it is a mix of that and being too scared that something will happen and I will have tons of baby stuff. Being PgAL is hard.

    This even though I passed my loss mark at 6 weeks. I am going to buy furniture today, gulp
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  • I haven't gotten anything my family is shocked. My brother & SIL had their nursery set at this point.
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  • I think it's pretty normal.  We just registered at our first store last night.  We haven't even researched half of the big stuff so we have to add that in later.  We also haven't bought anything big and I'm not in a hurry to do so. 
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    You're not alone.  

    We have a few outfits, toys & books, ALL of which were bought for baby by other people.  We haven't gotten her anything yet.  :(  And I wanted to make her a quilt, which also hasn't even been started.

    But we have finally picked out what room to make into the nursery, & we're done registering.  (Though DH & I were both totally overwhelmed when we went to BRU to register...I've done most of it online.)  My parents are buying us a crib as soon as we decide which one we want (or, rather, convince them that the one we want is going to be sturdy enough). 

    Baby steps.  You can do it.  :)   


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  • I just bought my first items yesterday.  I didn't think I'd be able to do it either but I just figured I better try.  It was just clothes though so I put them away in a drawer.  I dont think I'll be able to buy furniture until at least a couple of months from now.  Just trying to move slowly..
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