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"Frantic movement question"

Has anyone been told to call their doctor if they have a sudden  frantic, panicky or jerky movement?  I've only been told to call for decrease in movement. 

Anyway, an hour or so my baby went CRAZY.  Banging from one side to another very quickly.  I've never felt that with her.  I didn't think much of it until I started reading The What to expect book and the first think I read is to call your doctor if you feel a decrease or sudden frantic, panicky movement. 

 If It was normal hours I would call to ease my mind, but I don't want to call the hospital for something that I've never been told to call about.

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Re: "Frantic movement question"

  • My doctor never told me to call about frantic/panicky movement either. I didn't think of it that way at the time, but a couple of days ago my baby was really active for a little while and I felt him bouncing off both sides. Movement has been normal since.

    Last week I dropped a pot into a pile of other pots and pans and the noise freaked him out for a few seconds...poor little guy. 

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  • I was only told to call for decreased movement.  My LO has some crazy bouts of movement too...its usually then that he jabs me in the ribs or somehow manages to hurt me by moving.
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  • Has movement gone back to normal since? Has it decreased from what's normal? If all is OK now I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • I had a lot of these a few weeks back, but it was nothing. If it had kept on then I would call doc. Movement is good, if it seems like she/he is trying to burst out go to L&D
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  • i have felt this type of movement before. it happened today actually. all of a sudden LO "jumped" as if he got scared and woke up suddenly or something. His movements always go back to normal after this though so I've never worried about it for more than a few seconds (I think it is normal to worry when something feels different).
  • Call!!! My bff had this issue with her son and he aspirated meconium. They think he was living in it for a week after he did the frantic movements. He wound up in NICU for 2 weeks. So please call
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