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ugh! DH!!

I went to get a pedi with my sister this afternoon and ran a bunch of last minute errands for the baby and I came home to this note from DH saying that he LOST HIS CELLPHONE!!

I know where he is (at a play not that far away from our house. he's a theater critic and I can have him paged if need be), but basically now he is unreachable for the travel time between the show and our house. Let's all hope that I don't go into labor during that time...

omg, i'm going to be so pissed off if he doesn't find his phone. He said that he was going to stop at some of the places he was today on his way to the show and hope that he finds it!! This is like the 3rd time that he's lost his cell phone since we got married 6 years ago

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Re: ugh! DH!!

  • Oh that just sucks. I hope everything is ok and you won't need him tonight but as soon as he gets a new phone or finds the old one, staple it to his A$$!!!

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  • UPDATE: he just called. he found his phone. thank god. i can go into labor any time now. 
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     Our sweet Valentine's Day FET.


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  • LOL glad he found it. My DH is the WORST at losing everything he has. Keys, hat, phone, wallet. I can't STAND it. It drives me up the wall. Come on, how hard is it to put the keys on the stand when you walk in the door? He will put them everywhere but ....
  • I'm glad he found it!
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  • I am glad he found it.  My DH doesn't lose his phone - he just doesn't answer it.

    I have already decided that if I have a medical emergency, I will have to have someone else deliver me to L&D because I won't be able to track him down!

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