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Think we found our bedding!

I've been trying to fit this poster DH wants to hang in the baby's room into the overall theme, and I think I've found something. This is the poster:

It is DH's favorite band, and will be framed. This is the bedding I found:

These do match, for the most part, right? DH and I think so.

Re: Think we found our bedding!

  • I think they look great together.  Cute poster and bedding!
  • Yes, they definately match.


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  • Very cute together!
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  • That is so very very cute. I saved it to my favorites to show DH :D
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  • Super cute!!

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  • I think that bedding is perfect
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  • super cute! good choice- I like the poster too!
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  • Thanks everyone!
  • I think they would work together!
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