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Not looking forward to working tomorrow--NBR

It's my own fault for saying "If you can't find anyone else to do it, I'll do it" because she stopped looking after that and just scheduled me. I hate only having one day off. It just puts a damper on that one day. but it's okay because i'll be in overtime.

Next week will be the same. They asked me to work mother's day and at first I was offended. Just because my daughter died after a few days does make me less of a mother....and typically they try to give mother's the day off for mother's day. Personally I felt that it gave me more of a reason to have the day off...that and i've been there longer than anyone else. After I thought about it though, I decided I'd rather be busy at work than sitting on the couch at home feeling sorry for myself, so it's probably best that I work mother's day. BUT THEN they asked me if I could also work saturday next week. I said F no. "So let me get this straight, I'm working Sunday, double Monday, double Tuesday, double Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday??" because my regular schedule is M-F. I offered to help out and work the 3 night shifts as well until they hire new girls. I have no problem with working. Physically I can handle it. Mentally though, I need my 2 days for recover (at least one day). I would much rather get my 40 hours done and over with for the week in 3 days lol and have 4 days off.  But it doesn't work that way lol. Needless to say she was offended that I told her no, but I really don't care.

Done with vent.



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Re: Not looking forward to working tomorrow--NBR

  • update: I'm working a double shift on mothers's day. the schedule just got sent to my email. I broke down and started crying, uncontrollably. DH thought it was something he did wrong but when I told him why I was upset he was ready to call my boss himself and tell him that there is no way that I was working 13 hours that day. I had to tell him that I would take care of it tomorrow. I am just going to have to tell him that I barely think I'll be emotionally capable of making it through brunch...there is no way I'll make it through dinner too without crying my eyes out at the front door---and God help the first person who is rude to me. He'll probably have no choice but to fire me if one person says the wrong thing to me-- between pregnancy hormones and going through my first mother's day grieving the loss of my child I will have a hard time holding back if someone gets rude, and it never fails. On busy holidays people say some mean stuff when they can't get the table that they want or when they have to wait a few minutes for their reservation time.

    Looking back I should have told him no, I couldn't work at all, but when I said yes, I didn't think they were going to abuse it... PLUS the only reason I said yes was because everyone has to work and if we weren't short staffed they could get away with me having the day off, but we're short staffed. Well, guess what. There's a different girl who has the whole day off.


    End rant, again.



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  • I hope you can get this taken care of! It is a really crappy situation and your boss *should* be understanding of your needs. I mean 1) you're a mother working on mother's day, 2) you are grieving 3) you are pregnant. Only a completely inconsiderate person would have you work a double on mother's day, so maybe point it out to him/her...


    good luck, chicky! You're in my thoughts and prayers! :D

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