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Update to obnoxious mom!

Well I sent DH a text this morning saying we needed our own place. He fully agreed so after work we went out and got ourselves an apartment!

We can move in on the 14th of May.

Its a huge two bedroom for a really nice price! 

Only downfall is we'll need pretty much all new furniture/kitchen supplies since ours got lost or thrown out somehow during this process..

But we should have everything by the time DS shows up since its at least 4 months away..its worth it to be rid of my mom.

Now we just need to break the news to her!

Thanks for the extra push ladies I dont feel bad about this choice at all anymore.

Re: Update to obnoxious mom!

  • That is great to hear! Good luck on telling your mom.
  • Good for you! Sounds like a great place. We got most of our furniture at Bobs and IKEA and people are always complimenting our set. You can find some really nice things there without breaking the bank.
  • Good for you!  How exciting to be moving into your new place and knowing where you are going to be when the LO arrives!  We are in a 1 bedroom right now and are waiting till our lease expires at the end of June to move.  I can't wait till I can start actually decorating!
  • Good for you guys!! Sounds like everything is looking up =D
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  • Good for you. Good luck with the move and telling your mom.
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  • Good luck to ya! And keep us updated! New homes are exciting!!
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  • Yay!  Congrats! 
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  • Thanks ladies! But now im freaking myself out thinking the place we picked is a mistake.. need to stay off review websites.. it's not the most glamerous apartment place.. I just hope I don't regret this move even more.. need to remember more people with negative experiences write reviews than those with good.. (nearly all the places I've lived had poor scores though except our current which is just far too expensive for our budget so I should take it with a grain of salt) but im just not having good vibes my nerves are all over the place for some reason*goes off to find a paper bag*
  • Good luck and check out craigslist for furniture. It doesn't need to be the greatest furniture, best to just buy the items and then slowly replace them with new items when you can afford it.
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  • Yay for healthy living!  You'd probably want all new furniture that hadn't soaked up the smoke smell anyway.  Try craigslist, its a goldmine.
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