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Holding own bottle, starting sippy cup?!

Hey ladies!  My DD is 4 months, 2 adjusted and my SIL asked why she wasn't holding her own bottle when eating and why she wasn't using a sippy cup yet (yes, at two months adjusted!).  DD's pedi doesn't seem concerned that DD just found her hands and loves to eat them, he never mentioned about not holding her own bottle.  Just wondering what ages your LO's held their own bottle and then started using sippy cups? 

I think this is funny coming from my SIL who still allows her DS to drink bottles at 3.5 years....

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Re: Holding own bottle, starting sippy cup?!

  • My DD (who was a 35 weeker) didn't start holding her own bottle till she was 9 months. I think it was because I liked holding it for her. She'll be 11 months old on the 7th and she still has to lay flat on her back to drink becasue she will not hold it up. My son was the same way. And she has no interest in a sippy cup.

     Your DD will drink by herself and out of a sippy cup when she is ready or when your ready.


  • I just posted on another board about how bad I feel that DS (4 months but 14 weeks adjusted) isn't grabbing for toys or anything yet. He'll hold toys if I hand them to him but I have to open his fingers and put them in his hands. Maybe it's different for each baby?? I wouldn't stress, SILs can be stupid if you're not living up to their "expectations of childcare" ::rolls eyes::
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  • My kids never held their own bottle.  We started practicing with a sippy cup around 7 months.. and transitioned off of bottles at 1 year actual (9.5 months adjusted).  They were able to hold their own sippies when we transitioned, but they never did hold their own bottle.


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    I never let DD (34 weeker) hold her own bottle. I think it's why we had such an easy transition to the sippy- I wasn't taking away a level of independence that she had achieved. At about 6 actual months I started teaching her how to use a straw. At 10 months actual we started using the straw sippies. At 12 months she moved to spout sippies. Tell your SIL to mind her own business.
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    2 months adjusted?!?!

    This was one of Andrew's therapy goals around 9 months adjusted and he never did hold a bottle...finally got him on a sippy at 15 months adjusted by going cold turkey...

    Your SIL is nuts.

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  • My pedi suggested we introduce the sippy at 6 months old. We offered the sippy at maybe 6.5 when she started to sit up. I really won't worry about it. Your doctor will tell you when to offer the sippy cup. I think 4 months is a little too young.



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