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Am I the only...

Ok, I've had enough!  Am I the only bearded lady freak show?!  I'm Italian and Lebanese, which equals super friggin hairy to begin with!  I was doing laser hair remover before PG, but my office says I can't do it until after birth.  IDK what else to do about removing the hair from my "beard & stache"!  I can't wax, I've tried before and it leaves horrible red & puss-like bumps for over week.  I know we're not supposed to bleach.  Are there chemicals in like a Nair or something similar that are not harmful to use?  I've been using a small trimmer (like and eyebrow trimmer) every other day so it's not as noticable.  If anyone is in a similar situation, what are you doing to look more like the woman you are and not like DH?


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Re: Am I the only...

  • If I were you, I'd just shave it
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  • Find somewhere that does threading.  You should not have the same reaction.
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  • I've been told that Nair is fine to use doing pregnancy, but you can ask your OB just to be sure.
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  • My sister has had the pregnancy beard for 16+ years now, it never stopped growing like that from when she was preg with her son. She shaves it every couple of days, I don't think anything else really worked out well for her anyway. 

    Good luck, I hope you can find something that works for you  

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  • Also it sounds like an allergic reaction to the wax, in most salons our main wax is beeswax or honeywax which more people are prone to breakouts. Try finding a salon that uses a cream wax or a sensitive skin one, and have them use a cold compress before and after waxing to relieve some swelling. HTH
  • I have my face threaded every 3 weeks.  It hurts worse than waxing because it take a little longer, but it is very gentle.  Waxing leaves me red  for days, so I switched to threading. 
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  • Hey Italian/Irish chick here so I have the fair skin plus the facial hair. Yep I lazered and it all came back and then some w/ LO. Literally 5 times the amount I once had. I have to shave every morning! The second my doc gives me a go I am going for lazer again. I can't pluck or wax or thread because of how sensitive my pregnant skin is. I was told NO harsh chemicals (which is what Nair and all that are) so I heave a giant sigh and shave :-( I also freckle like crazy so I need to wait til fall to lazer again even though LO is due June 1st. I'm here w/ ya!
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  • image KELSOSK:
    If I were you, I'd just shave it

    Test skin first!  I shaved under chin and I ended up with man-like razor bumps!  Took about two weeks to get rid of them as as they were going away they turned white and dry and started peeling.  Drew more attention than the few hairs I should've just plucked.  Threading sounds like a good idea. 

  • Ok, what is threading???  Never heard of it before
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