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what do you drive and how well does your carseat fit?

DH and I have to move the seats forward to put an infant car seat into my RAV4. We're both tall so its a little uncomfortable. Does you have a car with enough room? What is it? I'm just picturing myself picking out my next car by how well a car seat fits. 
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Re: what do you drive and how well does your carseat fit?

  • We have two car seats - the RF infant seat and my son's convertible.  Both fit nicely into the back of my Mazda CX-9 and my husband is very tall. 
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  • Dont get a Kia!! I am not tall and my husband is average height. We have to put the car seat in the middle just to be able to put the front seats back far enough to fit and its not exactly comfortable. We are in the same boat you are!!  Good luck and let us know if you get a new vehicle and what it is!
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  • We have a commander-fits like crap, cobalt-fits like crap(have to put it in the middle & still it barely fits) and a town & country- fits perfect. Things like this make me happy to be a mini-van mom! :)




  • I hadn't even thought about this. I have a mustang and it probably won't fit to well. DH is tall too. We have a truck also but I try to drive the car as much as I can in the summer to save gas!
  • you know, car seats really don't fit in any cars comfortably from what i've learned with my 3 kids so far

    i have a dodge durango now, and even THAT doesn't fully give us room. it just seems like car seats are getting bigger and bigger.

    that being said, i have my 23mo RF in a combi zeus 360 in the center right now. if i were to put it on either the passenger or driver side, it would hit the back of the seat or force us to have it pushed up.

    i have a maxi cosi mico for this lo when she gets here, but im pretty sure that it will hit the back of the seat when we install it too

    apparently if you want to have more than one child in life, it feels like you're forced into a mini van or an extra large suv because of the size of the car seats

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  • Well, neither of us is too tall, I am 5'7, MH is 5'9.  We discovered that we didn't all fit into the Kia he has which meant we wouldn't fit into my Sentra either, so we traded my Sentra in for a Ford Flex.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now everyone fits nicely, even when we also have my niece and nephew with us who are also in RF.  Neither of us wanted a mini van and most SUVs eat too much gas, so we went for a V6 cross over.  Its fabulous
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  • We have a Pathfinder and a Maxima. We haven't tried the to put both carseats in either car yet but I have a feeling DS#1 will be behind the driver and DS#2 will be behind the passenger. I hope they fit!
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  • I have a Chevy Malibu and I am 5'4ish and my fiance is 5'5ish. We are both short and it is still a tight squeeze!! The car seat is behind the passenger seat and BARELY fits with the passenger seat scooted up really close to the air bag (which makes me nervous). My knees hit the bottom of the dash..very uncomfy, and hard to get out with a big prego belly!
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  • I have the smallest snugride model, 22 lbs, and a Honda CRV. Hubby is 6'2 and I am 5'9. We put the seat behind my seat (passenger) and my knees touch the dashboard. Not fun.
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  • We have a Jeep Patriot.  Our car seat is pretty big (comments by some reviewers) but I haven't noticed and it fits well!

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  • We are soon to have 3 carseats and I only have good things to say about our Mazda CX-9. Love it. Definitely recommend it...similar features to bigger cars like Acadia, Traverse, Pilot but better gas mileage!
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  • I drive a Chrysler Sebring, DH drives a Mazda CX-7.  The Sebring has a ton of room in backseat, CX-7 does not.  Haven't installed infant seat yet, but with DS booster, he has way more leg room in my car than DH's.  I'm 5'9 and still have plenty of room behind my seat for LO's seat.
  • Hyundai Elantra - Snugride 30.  It's going to be a long 30lbs worth....i can probably lick the dashboard now.
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  • Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse and Ford Mustang... seats have to be all the way forward and since the Mits. is a convertible we don't have a middle back seat...soooo yeah suckage
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  • We have a VW Passat Wagon and a Chico Keyfit carseat. The set works great in our car, but neither of us are very tall. 
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  • We have a Highlander and it's already so crowded, I don't know how I'm going to fit another kid in it yet, lol. My 4 year old is still in a 5 point harness so I'll have 2 in car seats and 2 out. The big kids (9 & 11) will have to climb through to the third row every time we go somewhere and the 2 car seats will be in the second row, one behind the driver and one behind the passenger.

    I really wish we'd gone with a minivan. Sad

  • I drive a Denali with second row bucket seats.  It fits car seats well and we love the room between the seats...however, now that number three is coming, that means that #1 will have to sit in the third row....we'll see how that goes.  Dh drives a Range Rover Sport. Booster seats are fine in there...infant car seats, not so much.  ..and we are both 6'0" so we need our leg room up front.
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  • we just bought a new acadia. I had to put the car seat behind the passenger side (we have captain seats in the middle row) so if there was a middle seat it would fit perfectly there. It's not uncomfortable sitting in the passenger seat but theres not a whole lot of room. Alternatively Dh said its safer in the middle anyway so he wants me to drive round with her in the middle seat on the third row!

    I have to say I wouldn't trade my acadia I love it as my family car! def captain seats in the middle though! 4x4 but not quite a minivan! 

  • No need for a new car....just install the seat in the middle if this is your first...That should give you enough room for legs...

    Adding: We had a Jeep Patriot and there was plenty of Room for a Chicco Keyfit- I commute so many miles that it bit the dust on me though...I'm looking to get another though once I go back to work from Maternity Leave!

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  • We have a Nissan Murano with a Britax Boulevard and a Honda Accord with an Air Protect and we both have enough leg room.  We still need to put the infant bases in both cars, both other than losing our backseat, I don't see any fit issues.
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  • We have a Nissan Murano and LO's convertible seat fits fine in the back without having to move the passenger seat forward.  DH isn't super tall, but he still has plenty of leg room left.

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  • I drive a Mini Cooper.  I was super worried about not being able to easily put the car seat (Chicco Key Fit 30) in since it's a 2 door but it fits no problem.  I don't have to tilt it in the slightest.

    When both MH and I drive together we take his car - Ford Taurus - and with the seat in the middle, it's no problem with leg room.

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  • I drive a Honda Fit and had no issues with either the infant or convertible seat fitting comfortably. Surprisingly.
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