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Hand-me-down Score!

I was talking with my SIL about diapering and mentioned that I'm interested in cloth diapering once LO is out of the newborn size.   I figure I'm going to be a SAHM, so doing some extra laundry won't be a huge deal...and the savings should be awesome.  The catch I was running into is that the start up costs for CD are kinda $$.  As it turns out, she has some she'd be willing to send to us when the time comes (her youngest is 15 mos and she's done having kids).  I need to talk to DH and make sure he's on board with CD (will probably keep some disposables on hand for outings/sitters and such).  Huge score!

She also mentioned that she has a double stroller she'd be willing to ship to us.  We won't need it for awhile seeing as we're still working on #1, but we do intend to try to have our kids close together (mostly bc I'm 34)...so we'll hopefully need that one.  Another potentially huge score! 

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Re: Hand-me-down Score!

  • Awesome score! That's also good that she CD, she can help you with it and answer questions about it. 

    SILs are great, mine has 2 kids and I am currently wearing one of the many maternity shirts she gave me, and she's sending me her boppy pillow. Sometimes its good not being the first one to have kids. 


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  • how great!  I know I'll be getting a few hand-me-downs from my SIL as well.  I think CD with occasional disposable backups is great, especially if you can skip the initial costs. 
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  • Nice!!  I wish someone would give me CD's!  Everyone just tells me I'm crazy for wanting to CD,,,
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  • That is fantastic!!  I got lots of hand me downs from my siblings for DS and it has been awesome!!
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  • That's great! Finding hand-me-downs is always nice.
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  • This post makes me so happy! We are planning to CD too- I've got a couple hundred bucks in it so far, but we have a really great stash.

    I have a friend who owns her own business making fitteds- and at 8 bucks each you can't beat it. I just picked up my recent purchase today and she gave me a whole box of "prototypes"- most of which I'll be able to use at some point.

    If you want to add to your stash relatively cheaply you can always go with prefolds and covers. Green Mountain Diapers has great prefolds for pretty cheap. Also- I use spots corner/hyena cart, diaper swappers, and the CD board here to get awesome scores!

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