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please read nead help with registry!

i know this has been asked a million times but what all should i register for with twins? does anyone have or know of someone that has a blog that has their registry list on it that I can go by.





Re: please read nead help with registry!

  • Does your hospital have a multiples class? (like a childbirth or baby care class but for multiples). I learned SO much at my multiples class about things I'd need for my registry. We had already registered before the class but went back to BRU after to edit it.
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  • If you send me a pm with your email address, I will email you my excel spreadsheet with everything that you will need!
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  • One of the MoMs on here put this together and I found it super helpful.

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  • 2 vibrating bouncy seats and loads of burp far these have proven to be invaluable these first few weeks!
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  • cadencaden
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    I have a registry recommendation list in my nest bio, which until 5 minute ago I didn't realize was set to private. Oops! I've totally been directing people there, not knowing no one but I could read it.

    Here's the link:

  • I blogged about it not too long ago!  PMing you...

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • thank you everyone so much! i'm sure you are all tired of awnsering this question.







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