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Are BF babies protected from croup?

Our 19 month old has croup.  He's had it before months ago and started showing the symptoms last night.  I also have a 4 month old who is EBF.  Do I need to worry about him catching it from his brother?  Is he somehow protected from it because he's BF?
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Re: Are BF babies protected from croup?

  • No he's not protected.

    Croup is usually a virus. BF babies aren't "protected" from anything, they get antibodies for viruses from your milk **if** you have the same virus (Your body is making antibodies to kill off the virus in yourself and you pass them on to LO). That helps them to get over the virus faster than if they were FF--but it can't keep them from getting a virus altogether.

    GL with both your boys!!!

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