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Can I join you?

Hi girls!  I was starting to think it may take a lot longer to get to this board.  I got my bfp yesterday at 11 dpo and got my beta drawn, which was 48.  I go back for another beta on Tuesday.  I'm over the moon, yet so nervous.  Our first pregnancy ended in an early m/c and the end of my pregnancy with DS was really difficult.  DH is scared to death!  I'm praying everything goes smoothly this time now that my ob knows about my unicornuate uterus.  

So I have a couple questions...don't they usually draw a second beta two days after the first instead of four days to check for doubling?  Also, does anyone else have asthma?  Both of my inhalers are pregnancy class C, as are almost all of my allergy meds.  I can deal with the allergies but I was just diagnosed with asthma 6 months ago and don't want to go through 9 months of feeling like I did before I was diagnosed.  Lastly, what did your RE's say about exercise?  I was in so much shock yesterday that I forgot to ask the nurse.  I've been training for a 10K and although I've decided not to run it, I was wondering if it was okay to keep up where I'm at right now.

Thanks girls!  Also, I've decided not to change my siggy until we have our first u/s.  I'm also on a local board and there are some girls on there that I believe have some mutual friends with me.  I don't want anyone finding out IRL until then. 

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Re: Can I join you?

  • Congrats! My betas were drawn 48 hours later. My RE said I couldn't exercise but I think that had more to do with OHSS than pregnancy. 
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  • Congrats and welcome!

    I have no advice about the whole asthma issue but I would definitely call the OB and ask them directly.  The only allergy med my OB approved was benedryl but each patient/OB is different and it would be best to talk with them about it.

    I had my second beta 2 days after the first but I guess that could vary depending on patient/doctor as well.  You will still be able to figure out the doubling time though...just plug in your numbers to betabase.  My 3rd beta was a week after the first and I put that number into betabase and it still gave me my doubling time...which was in line with my other doubling time.

    As far as exercise...I have no idea.  I was on pretty strict instructions from my RE following ER/ET and my BFP.  I was not allowed much until after 12 weeks.  Then my DH's restrictions kicked  He is pretty over-protective of me during the pregnancy...lots of time and money to get here!

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  • Congrats and welcome!
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  • Congrats on your BFP! I probably wouldnt take a preg class C drug every day but I would ask your Dr because they know best what you should do. 

    As for working out, I wasnt allowed to. I also wasnt allowed to work out while we were cycling through our IVFs though so it may be totally different since you got pg only using clomid and didnt have all the surgery and stuff required with IVF.

    Good Luck! 

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  • Hello and welcome!

    ETA: Congratulations!!!
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  • Congrats and welcome! Yes, betas are usually 48 hours apart to heck for doubling. I also have asthma and had a bad upper respiratory infection at about 10 weeks and my RE and PCP said my inhalers were fine. As for exercise and running i probably have the most liberal RE/OB on this board- ive never changed my running/exercise program since I got PG and was told as long as I dont exhaust myself or get dehydrated an am not spotting I could pretty much do what I wanted. I ran 10 miles 2 days before my BFP and again last week and will be running a half marathon in about 4 weeks. Everyone is different an comfortable with different amounts. Just listen to your doctor and your body.
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  • HelsHels member

    I remember you from 3T. Welcome and congrats! 

    Different REs do betas differently.  Some do every other day, others wait longer. Mine had an every other day policy, unless it was over the weekend.  In that case, you wait longer.

    I got cleared for exercise at 8 weeks. I  wish I would have kept up with it. I'm also betting your RE will want you to stay on your asthma meds (or switch to an alternative med that is safer).  A sick mama is no good for baby.  

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  • c&n06c&n06 member
    I do not have answers to your questions but I am excited for you!! Congrats!! Good luck at your next beta!
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    Yay, congrats!!  I'm so happy to see you here!
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  • Welcome! So good to see you here! I am having my first beta Monday and my second on Wednesday. He didn't tell me there would be a third so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

    Sorry i dont have any other advice about the meds. I have allergies too and i tried to switch to regular allegra without the decongestant because that was safe. But now allegra is over the counter so i dont bother with the price. Thankfully my allergies have been pretty good. GL with the asthma!!!

    Cant wait to hear about your next beta! GL

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