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Question. Not sure if flameful, but please don't if it is.

We ordered dinner from a new take out restaurant last night.  I ordered a turkey sub, with mayo.  I asked them to grill it - this is what my nurse at the RE instructed if I were to order cold cut sandwiches at restaurants.  Well, after eating the whole thing, I got really sick - diarrhea TMI.  Should I be worried about the baby?  Thanks for any replies.

Edit: I wasn't throwing up. lol

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Re: Question. Not sure if flameful, but please don't if it is.

  • I think the baby is probably fine. I am thinking it was just coincidence that you got sick.  There were several things that made me feel sick after eating them.

    FWIW...I had a turkey and ham wrap last night for dinner...and yes it was deli meat...and no it was not heated up.  I follow the everything in moderation philosophy.

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  • I think it takes several hours for a foodborne illness to register in the system.  If you got it right afterwards I think its probably a coincidence.  Try not to worry.
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  • Not flameful at all!

    You did the right thing in asking for your turkey to be grilled. I haven't been as good about that!

    And, I agree with PPs that it was probably just a coincidence.  Food poisoning doesn't arrive within just a couple of hours of eating - it generally takes a while to brew.. 

    Sometimes things just don't agree with you - and while you're pregnant - weird things happen with your digestive tract in general!!!

  • As I've been pregnant, I've noticed that things don't settle in my stomach the way they used to, and a lot of things that never bothered me bother me now. Last night I had an avocado and my stomach hurt so bad afterwards!  It's good that you asked them to grill it. My guess is your hormones are just affecting everything, or it could just be normal stomach issues.  Either way, I hope you feel better!

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  • Honestly, around that point in my pregnancy, I was alternating between diarrhea and constipation. The culprit - my prenatal vitamins! 
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  • I think the baby is probably fine. If you had actual food poisioning you would have been throwing up too. FWIW, I love Jimmy John's subs and I have one about every other week-un-toasted! My OB nurse told me it was fine in moderation.
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  • My OB didn't even put deli meat on the no-list.  Just certain fish.  That was about all of my restrictions.

    But I don't eat a much deli meat to begin with.  I agree with pp, you are probably fine.

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  • I had food poisoning when I was pg with dd so bad it landed me in the hospital! She was perfectly fine. I don't know if lysteria was involved or what. But I think you are totally fine!
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