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The waiting game... How do you deal?

My cycle was cancelled this past week due to over stim. RE said at least 6 weeks until I can start stims again. I am keeping myself busy with work,DH and DD ( going to magic kingdom today!) but everytime I think of 6 more weeks of waiting I feel sad. Amy suggestions to keep myself from feeling like this? I hate feeling this way when i already have such a beautiful DD.
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3/11 Menopur/ IUI #1, one mature follicle= BFN
early 4/11 cysts, more BCP
4/11 Menopur overstim on CD12 10 follicles, cycle canceled
Forced break for at least 6 weeks

Re: The waiting game... How do you deal?

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    I hate to respond simply because I'm terrible at this.  I hate waiting, and then waiting again, then waiting more.  But, when you mentioned the Magic Kingdom, I felt compelled to share something -

    I spent DDs 4th birthday at MK, and I cried almost the whole day.  I couldn't believe she was already 4, that so much time had passed, and that she still didn't have a sibling.  The waiting seemed SO insurmountable at that point.  I went home and sought solice on the Bump.  I came across a blog where, on the same day I was celebrating my DDs bithday with "the Big Mouse", a fellow Bumpie was going in for a hysterectomy, with no children to call her own.  My heart broke, and it was the first step I was able to stop and appreciate what I have.

    It's not easy at all - it's a constant struggle, but whenever that memory come back up, I say a prayer for those who have so much less than I, and go forth in my day resolute to appreciate what I have.  Sometimes, that process helps with the waiting.

    I hope you have a wonderful day today with your family, and I sincerely hope you won't have to wait too much longer!

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