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Nipple blanching

Anyone else suffer from this?  I had this with my DD, but DS is like an iron jaw chopping machine.  I was using nipple shields for a week to heal some serious nipple damage, but DS hasn't gained any weight.  So the LC recommended I try going back to the breast in case the nipple shield was limiting how much he got.  So, my nipples have been killing me as he compresses the nipple and makes it blanche!!  Supposedly, his latch is actually good.  I am considering switching to just pumping due to the pain.  Any advice????  TIA!

Re: Nipple blanching

  • I would still check his latch. Make sure lips are turned out and on the areola. More than just the nipple should be in his mouth. If that is happening I would suggest different holds. Maybe a football hold or side lying hold will vary which area he is hurting tne most
  • Actually I had one other thought. Could he be tonue tied? I believe I have heard this can make nursing painful and it would make sense that he wouldn't be getting as much....
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  • I had vasospasm which is somewhat similar to nipple blanching.  My OB gave me a prescription for procardia (that is the brand name...can't remember the generic) and within 3 days I was totally pain free.  I took the meds for a 2 week course and have not had pain since.  I am not sure if the meds will work for blanching as well...kellymom may have some info on it, or ask your OB or LC
  • Thank you both for the suggestions.  I try to alternate between football and cradle but I must stink at positioning him because he always ends up in the same places!  :)  I will ask my OB about procardia.  The LC said she thought it was vasospasms.  That would be great if there was a magic pill for this because the pain is seriously too much.  Thanks!
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