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Should I wear heels to a wedding tomorrow night?

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow night. (I actually have another one Memorial Day weekend and another one the last weekend in June.) ?I am wearing a knee-length black maternity dress. I have black heels, and my mom yelled at me and said I should wear flats! What should I do? If I do wear flats, I will have to go buy them, but I could probably get a pair for an okay price. What do you think?


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Re: Should I wear heels to a wedding tomorrow night?

  • I think as long as you're comfortable and can walk in them, you should go for it.  I had pg co-workers who wore heels almost all the way to delivery.  Maybe bring a pair of comfy flip-flops to change into at the reception if you're going to be dancing a lot, but you'll be fine.
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  • Wear what's comfy.  I can't get my fat feet into anything except flip flops now so that's what I would wear...LOL!
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  • i look for any excuse to not wear heels. the only time i wore heels during pregnancy was around 5 weeks. ETA - and i will do whatever i can to not wear them again!

    if it were me, i would go buy the flats and be comfy. you are PG, you can get away with it :)

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  • I wore heels every single day until I found out I was pregnant. Then I switched over to flats. Now my feet won't even fit into my flats, so it's flip-flop city for me. It'll be nice getting back into my heels :)

    That being said, I'd wear what's comfy and what you feel "safe" in. Have a fun time!
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  • grazygrazy member
    Hmmmm I will have to look into flats perhaps. Any recommendations of a pair that would look good????
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  • I say go for heels if you are comfy in them!! 

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  • I had a formal work event to go to around 27 weeks and I bought a pair of cute cheap flats from Payless. I was really happy at the end of the night that I did that. Plus I ended up wearing them a lot through my pregnancy. 
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  • image Yellow_Daisy:
    Wear what's comfy.  I can't get my fat feet into anything except flip flops now so that's what I would wear...LOL!


    Agreed!  I wore heels to an event we attended a few weeks ago and just brought flip-flops with me.  I was sitting most of the time so I did okay.


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  • I hate heals so I would use any excuse not to wear them. Do what's comfortable for you!
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  • Why not wear your heels and then buy a pair of those Dr shole ( no clue how to spell it) flats that fold up and can fit in your purse. Then if your feet get tired you can throw on the cheapie pair.
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  • If I could fit my fat, swollen feet into heels, I would!  Especially if you aren't having an issues maintaining your balance or walking.  And I assume they aren't 6 inch heels!
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  • grazygrazy member
    I bought a pair of really cute and really comfy flats and I am so glad I did! :)
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