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LO is 4mo old....Is this a supply issue??

I've EBF my LO for 3months ...with an occasional pumping session here and there I would get about 4oz a session. I'm back at work and pump at work (every 2.5-3 hours) and I get between 3-4oz a session - this is the same amount I made a few months back...shouldn't I be making more?? well...LO is still gaining weight...but I have to supplement now with 1 bottle of formula a day to keep up with his appetite...is this a supply issue? or the pump just isn't that effective? anyone else go through this?
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Re: LO is 4mo old....Is this a supply issue??

  • I haven't personally gone through this yet * I am still at home* but I've read others say that their supply drops a little when they return to work and are pumping more instead of nursing. Can you add a nursing/pumping session anywhere throughout your day to try to increase your output?

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  • I doubt its a supply issue.  The composition of your milk changes to meet the needs of your child as they get older, you don't necessarily make more milk.  If they start going longer between feedings then the amount they want to drink may increase. 

    Pumps aren't as effective as your baby though, so you may have to add in a pumping session in the evening or night to get enough milk for the next day.  Or use formula like you are doing, either way works.

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  • Producing 3-4oz while pumping is average. My LO nurses on one side in the morning so my first morning pump I get around 5 oz from the side she didn't nurse on a 3 from the side she did nurse on. On later pumps I'll get 3-4oz total. Make sure you nurse him as much as possible when you are together to increase supply.
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