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Philips Arena Question

Hey, my sister-in-law and I are coming to ATL in June for the BSB/NKOTB concert (might be dorky but we're gonna have a blast Wink) So my question is, they have on ticketmaster where you can pre-buy parking. It's $23, is it worth it? I know nothing about this area, we're from Alabama. Also does anyone know if the $23 is all you pay or do you still have to pay to park when you get there? It's only us 2 girls coming so we don't want to be walking far at night alone. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Philips Arena Question

  • I've never paid more than $20, and that is the lot directly across from Philips. Trust me, you won't be walking alone to any lot near there, there will be tons of people. If you do pay it then you shouldn't have to pay anything else the night of. I am going to the show as well.
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  • that's way too much.  You can get parking for a lot less.


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  • Yeah I agree $23 is too much. You can find places right next to the arena for $20 some places just a few blocks away would be $10.
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  • MJ317MJ317 member
    Thank ya'll so much! I was willing to pay that if I was going to have trouble finding a spot, but from the way ya'll make it sound it shouldn't be any problem. So thanks again so much!
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