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If my neighbor's dog doesn't stop barking

I'm going to climb up on my roof and blow tranquilizer darts over the fence.  He just barked for an hour and a half straight. He FINALLY stopped for about 5 minutes, and then heard a train whistle and barked for 10 more minutes, stopped for 5 minutes, and then someone's car alarm went off... so now it's dog bark and car alarm. Awesome. This happens pretty much every day.  There is alot of train activity around here, apparently he doesn't like the noise.

I can't wait for my neighbor to get home so I can tell him how freaking annoying his dog is. I wish my DH would handle this for me, I really don't want to deal with a confrontation right now, but since DH isn't the one home during the day (and probably wouldn't say anything if he was anyhow) I guess it's up to me. Would it be too passive aggressive of me to just call code enforcement? I feel like if it were my dogs (which would NOT happen b/c when my dogs bark I give them about 20 seconds before I bring them inside) I would want whoever had the problem to let me know so I could be extra careful not to bother them, and so I would have a chance to fix the problem before any citations were issued. 

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Re: If my neighbor's dog doesn't stop barking

  • I'm sorry but I'm sitting here cracking up bc I have a mental pic of a pregnant lady teetering along the roof with a dart gun Embarrassed

    That would be really annoying tho!

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  • I'd just go over there and nicely tell him that his dog barks a lot all day and that you'd appreciate if he did something about it, like keep his dog inside during the day or something. If it continues to happen after that, I don't see a problem with calling the cops about it. Does the dog have plenty of water and shade? Otherwise, you can call animal patrol about it. I know my parent's neighbor's dog they left tied outside and he'd get all tangled up and couldn't get to his water and also barked all day so my parents nicely told them about it and they started keeping their dog inside. Hopefully your neighbor will be cooperative about it!
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  • Ugh!!!! I feel your pain. I have two beagles that live behind us for the last 10 years, and they stay outside fro 6am-6pm or later. They howl like grown men being electrocuted. ALL DAY. Sometimes i want to give them a cyanide bread roll. They both all day howl;




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  • I would definitely let them know before you call animal regulation.  They may have no idea their dog is being a pain.  I would hope my neighbors would tell me.  If he chooses to do nothing about it then I would make a complaint to the authorities.  But, give the guy a chance. 
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  • Since this happens everyday (and not just once in awhile), I would call code enforcement.

    People need to take responsibility for their pets. Leaving their dog outside all day to get bored and bark is not the sign of a good pet owner.

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  • I wouldn't call code enforcement until the last resort. try talking to the owner about this and try to find a reasonable resolution first. My neighbors behind me had two dogs do the same thing. After out discussion they have been extremely calm. Explain to your neighbor that you are not trying to be cruel or rude, but you are expecting a child soon and would like to know if there is anything s/he could do to calm his pet. If it continues and/or s/he doesn't want to do anything about it, then I'd consider calling cose enforcement. You can't have that dog barking all day with a newborn.
  • I have our local police departments number on my night stand because of our neighbors dog. 
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  • Have you already talked to your neighbors about this? If so, I say go ahead and call code enforcement. If not, have a chat with them and if it continues call code enforcement.
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  • I didn't get past the first sentence but you can bring that dart gun over here and shoot my dogs with it >.< LOL
  • My grandma had this issue with a neighbor's dog and called animal protection on them. Turns out, their dog was barking because it was tied up on a short rope in the sun all day with no access to water.

    If there's nothing wrong, I don't think your neighbor will have his dog taken away or anything, but I wouldn't necessarily warn him ahead of time just in case. He knows his dog is barking all day! You shouldn't have to tell him that it's annoying. And if the dog needs help....

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