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Update & Thank you everyone!

First- Thank you amers for posting for T&P for me and for updating, <3 you!

So as Amers said I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and the whole toilet was full of blood :::insert panic here::: I wasnt feeling my little guy moving at all and he is normally active in the morning so I panicked some more. I called my OBs office and it took FOREVER (15 min but it felt like forever!) to get thru to someone. They said to go straight to L&D. So DH turned around (he was just pulling in to work) and came home and got me and took me to the hospital. 

When we got there they checked us in and put me in a room. The nurse came in and hooked me up to the monitor and after a minute I heard his beautiful heartbeat which hadnt sounded quite that beautiful since the first time I heard it. Music to my ears. He was moving around and ok, thank goodness.

The Dr came in and did an internal... OUCH! and also some swabs. She also did an internal ultrasound to look at my cervix and placenta. At first she thought she saw clotting at my cervix or that my placenta was lying over the cervix but she said her view wasnt quite right so she had me go to the bathroom then we did it again. This time she thought the placenta position looked fine.

Then they drew blood to look at a bunch of stuff including clotting factors because they were worried I was having an abruption. The bloodwork came back ok so they said that they do not know where the blood is coming from.

They sent me home with 3 days of bedrest and orders to see my OB on monday (I cant get in till tues though). So, it was a heck of a morning.

On top of all of this I feel really bad because I think I caused this with a serious amount of stress yesterday. My boss is an awful person and really upset me the last two days then I learned he is planning to "phase me out" (aka fire me without telling me) and I am panicking about getting a new job 6 months pregnant. I have been wanting to quit because I am so mistreated so I really do need a new job anyways. He sent me a bunch of very mean emails yesterday and made a big to-do about me seeing more patients than is humanly possible today so this was the WORST day that this could have happened. Then all morning while at the hospital I was totally freaking out and worrying about him and my job and thats so backwards. ugh!

Anywho- thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers, they are much appreciated. 

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Re: Update &amp;amp; Thank you everyone!

  • So glad everything turned out ok...too bad they can't find the source of the bleeding but hopefully it was just a fluke thing and won't happen again!! Don't blame yourself for this...I'm sorry work is so stressful..your boss sounds like a total D-bag!!!

    Glad Foster is ok!! Hang in there :)

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  • That sounds very traumatic, but I'm glad the baby is doing fine.  I hope the bleeding resolves and you start feeling better soon!

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  • MrsVoMrsVo member
    So glad you and the little one are ok!  That is just awful about your horrible boss :(  I know it's hard but try to put that out of your mind.  When your little one is turning 5 that stupid boss will be a distant memory!

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  • That is so scary. I am so glad you and Foster are OK!

    I hope your work situation gets better...that sounds like an awful enviornment to be in everyday!

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  • Big hugs! I am so glad everything is okay and that you're getting care you need right now. I hope everything calms down with your work situation. THinking of you and take care!
  • Woohoo for your little guy being ok! I'm so sorry you had to go through such a scary ordeal though. And boo to your boss for being an @$$. Sorry you are having to put up with that :(
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  • LMC -- I'm sooo glad that you and Foster are okay!  I, sadly, know your fears, although my bleeding today doesn't sound nearly as scary as what you guys went through...   I'm glad to hear that it isn't anything major!

    I'm really sorry to hear about your boss!!  You have rights as a pregnant employee, which I am sure you already know, but if you need any HR help, please do not hesitate to reach out.  (I work specifically in Employee Relations and deal with stuff like this all day long.)  Although my boss can also be a b8tch on wheels, thankfully she is very good about health-related things.

    Thinking of you -- and stop stressing about work!!  It isn't good for you, or Foster! 


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  • Your boss seriously sucks at life.

    I'm so glad you and Foster are okay! Let me know if you need anything!!!!!!

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  • I have anxiously been waiting for you to update us.. I truly felt like crying when I read your post. I live with the fear of losing my children on a daily basis and I can't imagine going through what you just went through. I am so happy and relieved to hear that you and your son are well. I'm so happy to hear that he was moving around. I do hope that things get better at work. You definitely do not deserve to be mistreated. I hope you figure something out regarding your boss. Uggh! Makes me so angry. ETA: I apologize for the long paragraph. I'm bumping from my phone.
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  • So glad you and Foster are ok! What a horrible ordeal :( ugh. Rest up, hon.
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  • Glad that you and Foster are okay!  Now go put those feet up and rest!  Hugs.
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  • LMC - I am so glad to hear that everything is okay.  I have been thinking about you all day.  Please try to take it easy!

    As for your boss, I have been in a situation where I had a boss who was horrible.  Horrible to the point where he wanted me to do illegal things, and then would accuse me of being insubordinate when I would challenge him.  He put me on probation, an HR wouldn't listen because I didn't go to them right away. I ended up with a bad case of irritable bowel due to the stress.  I ended up quitting before I found another job, which probably wasn't the best idea financially, but my IB immediately cleared up, and looking back on it, it was the best thing I have ever done.  (of course all of this was pre-pregnancy, and even pre-infertility, so I didn't have that on top of it all.)

    PLEASE don't let this a$$hole cause you and your baby any more harm.  You have worked too hard to get where you are, and in the end it is really not worth it. It may help to contact a lawyer, just so you can get an idea if you have a case.  I contacted one, when it was too late of course, and even though he couldn't help me, our discussion gave me a lot of closure that allowed me to move on.

    Again - I am so glad that things seem to be okay.  Please rest up this weekend and give us an update when your bed rest is up!   

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  • oh no! I just read your post from earlier and so glad everything is ok! How scary. Hang in there, sweetie...don't move off that bed/couch this weekend :) you're in my prayers. 
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  • So glad everything is ok!!  Rest up this weekend!
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  • So glad you are ok. Hate your boss. That sucks sweetie.
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  • Oh I am so glad to see this post!   This board is amazing and I cant believe how much i care and worry about people I havent even met!  I am happy that Foster was active and his precious heart is still beating away.  I cant imagine the panic you must have felt all alone in the bathroom this morning!!!  ((hugs))  I wish they could have figured out why you were bleeding - especially that much!  I wonder what it was?   did you ask them about stress?

    Your boss sounds like an even bigger DB than mine.  I didnt think it was possible.  If they fire you at least you can get unemployment.  My sister was fired immediately after she told them she was pregnant and then got unemployment for the next 2 years while she got to rest peacefully at home and then be home with her baby for the next year.  I was even kind of jealous.

     Anyway - rest easy!!



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  • Oh my goodness, I wasn't one earlier so am just catching up but I am so sorry you had such a scare.  Glad everything looks ok.  Sorry you are having work stresses on top of everything, that just sucks.  Rest up sweetie.
    Dx with PCOS and IR June 2009
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  • Thank goodness you guys are ok!!!!! Thank you Amers for keeping us updated!!!!! If u neeme to kick your boss in the family jewels I will get on the next plane out!
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  • So glad eveything is ok!! What a scary morning! Get some rest!
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  • Thank goodness everything is ok!!!! I was so worried. I am sorry you have troubles at your job and I hope everything will sort out soon. Sounds like a very stressful environment. Big (((hugs)))
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  • Oh hon, I'm so sorry. What a scary, scary day. This is my first time logging on so, I read amers post and then this one.

    I am glad however that you and baby are good. Rest up... and you know what? You and your LO are MORE IMPORTANT than any job out there. You just take care of you. ((hugs))

    ? We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness... ?

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  • Just getting online today for the first time so I didn't see your post from earlier.
    How scary, I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but very glad everything is ok. Get some rest this weekend and try not to worry about work.
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  • grazygrazy member
    I'm just catching up on posts right now. I am glad everything is looking okay. ?I hope things go well at the OB. Thinking of you!
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  • imageMrsMAF:

    So glad everything turned out ok...too bad they can't find the source of the bleeding but hopefully it was just a fluke thing and won't happen again!! Don't blame yourself for this...I'm sorry work is so stressful..your boss sounds like a total D-bag!!!

    Glad Foster is ok!! Hang in there :)

    This exactly

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  • oh thank goodness, i am SO happy everything is OK! ((HUGS))
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  • My goodness it sounds like you have had quite a crazy day. Glad to hear you & the baby are doing okay though. Hang in there!
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  • I missed your OP about this but I'm glad everything looks okay.
    m/c 7/17/10
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  • Glad the little guy is ok! Im sorry you have to worry about your job right now.....not what you need! I really hope it all works out ok.
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  • Im a long time lurker, and just wanted to say im glad you and Foster are ok!!! Im so sorry about your job and i agree that you should find another. That level of stress can not be good for you or Foster and even if you weren't pregnant that kind of stress wouldnt be good for you. Hope you can take it easy and that this doesnt happen again! Rest up and feel better!
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  • I am so so glad to hear that you and Foster are okay!!!
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