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Had my first stranger ask if I was pregnant

Ok, well not a stranger, but I was at a meeting this morning and saw someone I worked with on a project 3 or 4 years ago and haven't seen since, she walked up and said "wow, it looks like you are expecting" 

I'm still under the illusion that I'm hiding it well from everyone and I'm wearing all black...doesn't that camoflouge everything?

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Re: Had my first stranger ask if I was pregnant

  • Too funny!

    It is definitely harder to tell that I am pregnant when I wear a suit - I think wearing a jacket open distracts from the belly.

    But when I wear a dress to work with no jacket, I look huge!

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  • I sometimes wonder if others can tell.  I feel like its obvious but I also think some people may not want to offend in case I'm not pregnant lol
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  • Isn't that the cardinal rule of things to never ask people?  Even if you look like you're about to deliver a baby any minute, you never ask, ever, never ever... ever.  Yes, all black should, but I've noticed a little pooch, even though I'm not totally showing yet. 

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  • Haha, I work with a guy who broke his leg skiing.  We were chatting about it and I said "well, at least it wasn't a life changing accident" and he said "no, but it looks like you've had one of those!!!!!" and pointed to my belly!  I was like "you know, it takes a bold man to point out a girls stomach fat!" and he blanched a bit and was like "please... please tell me you are pregnant!  You do not look fat!!!!"  We had a big laugh about it.

    I think it's a great milestone when you start showing enough for people to start commenting!  We worked so hard for these bellies!!!!! 

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  • I do like when people comment. DH swears my belly is not noticeable enough for people to comment. He said that last night before we went out to eat and then someone commented while we were out.

    I love proving him wrong! But I will say everyone comment on how small I am for how far along I am but I measured "normal" at the doctors.

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