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Belly Button Woes

Call me weird but I'm really paranoid that as I get bigger I'm going to have an "outie" that will be way obvious through my shirts.  Right now its tucked away nice and tight but I'm wondering, does everyone's pop out at some point? (no offense but I'm not fond of those outies)

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Re: Belly Button Woes

  • Mine is still flat, not an outie yet and I am measuring 42 weeks! So I don't think it's a given.
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  • Not everyone's belly button pops.

    And they almost always go back in.

    I sometimes feel like taping it to keep it from popping!  I think it is just a matter of time before mine pops!

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  • JenCWJenCW member

    Mine is mainly flat, but one edge is starting to pop.  Bummer!

    With my last pg, it came out (though it did go right back in after delivery).  When I wanted to keep the outie from showing through shirts, I put a bandaid over it.  Silly, I know, but it worked.

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  • Lots of padding!!!  :)  Good luck!
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  • Mine is also mostly flat with just the very top starting to puker outwards.  DH thinks it is gross.  I was hoping to have a full outie by the end of pregnancy, so we will see what happens.  And as pp said - bandaids are said to help cover it.
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  • Mine is an outie. And really I am not THAT big. But it started popping out on the right side first then the whole thing went. You really can't tell with clothes on. I wear full panel maternity pants and then usually 2 shirts so it holds it in.

    I did wear a loose fitting dress and some under the belly tights last weekend and it completely showed. I was a little embarassed at first but now I think its kind of cute and just one of those funny pregnancy things that happens.

    And no not everyone's pops. So it might not happen to you. It seems like if you have a really deep innie pre-pregnancy it wont pop. If its shallow, then you will have a button on your tummy.

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