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Your thoughts on the royal wedding dresses...

So, what did you think of the dresses in the royal wedding?

I thought Kate's dress was beautiful, but honestly, a lot more plain than I was expecting. I expected it to be somewhat modest (not strapless,etc), which it is, and didn't expect big poofy sleeves like Princess Di's dress, but I expected something more regal, I guess. Also, I thought her hair would have looked "fancier". She is strikingly beautiful, so she could make a dishrag look good, and for a "normal" wedding, I absolutely loved the dress. I love the lace sleeve/overlay look. But I was just a little underwhelmed by it for a royal wedding...

I felt the same way about her MOH/sister's dress. Lovely, but just kind of "meh.." And honestly, aside from it being form fitting, it is kind of matronly to me.

I've only seen pics online, so that's about all I've seen. I've heard there were some pretty wild hats too. :-)





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Re: Your thoughts on the royal wedding dresses...

  • I think it was perfect.  I think it suited her perfectly and I'm glad she went with something she obviously loved and didn't give in to the hype.  The dress, tiara, bouquet, it was all perfect for her.  I thought she looked very classy and very elegant.  She is so beautiful, she doens't need all that jazz.  "She looked like herself" as a reporter said, and I think that's awesome. 

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  • I loved it!  I thought it was subtle but elegant. 
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  • I'm assuming the dresses were a little "meh" (particularly maid of honor) due to wardrobe protocols.
  • I liked her dress, but at first glance wasnt that excited about it.  I'm not a fan of the lace overlay but I think it ended up suiting her.  I think the dress certainly was elegant and "classic".  The MOH dress I thought was very boring/plain - how cool that she wears white too?  In the US we are so anti-white I thought that was kind of neat...

    ETA:  Forgot the, there were some crazy hats, but how fun!!

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  • I could squeal about it.  Loved it.  Yesterday, I was NOT into the royal wedding...Today, I am.

    I thought it was the perfect combination of classic and modern.  She was beautiful.  From afar, Pippa's dress was stunning, but once I saw an upclose view, it didn't do very much for me.

  • I loved it.  I thought it was classic and elegant and while having a slight regal feel.  I like that it was understated.  It says something about who she is.  I really like what I have heard of her. 

    I agree that I did not care all that much yesterday, but today I have become slightly obsessed.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • I am avoiding seeing pics of her til I get home tonight and can watch my DVR!  I feel like a little school girl.  I'm so excited to see the wedding!
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  • I've only just scrolled through pics online.

    Can you imagine how her cheek muscles must ache from all of that smiling??  Ouch!

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  • I thought she looked beautiful -- like always. :)  I was also a little disappointed at first at the dress but once I got a good look I really liked it. I didn't even notice it was strapless under the lace!  She has an awesome figure and the dress looked wonderful on her.

    I was not a fan of the veil over her face, but I guess that's a requirement! haha

    I think her sister Pippa is gorgeous. I loved her dress and think she was absolutely beautiful! The dress was perfect on her.


    And I will sidebar and say OMG at all of those hats! Thank GOD I'm not English. I think they are ridiculous! 


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  • You know, the more I've been looking at pics, and reading about Kate (what--you think I'm actually working today??? hehe), I think I agree with you guys--the dress really is a great fit on her.

    Still not a fan of Pippa's though, really. (and how British is that name? I can't say it without a British accent, I don't think!)

    But those hats?!? Seriously. They are absurd. (as are Beatrice and Eugenie's outfits--they are what, early 20's? They look like grandmas in those clothes!)



    Seriously... Like Angelpack said--I couldn't have given a crap about this wedding yesterday, but I'm apparently obsessed with it now!

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  • Ditto all what Lala said! I loved the dress and if you google Princess Grace, it is almost exactly like the one she wore. I bet in person it is way more impressive than on TV.

    The veil was odd to me, it just clung to her face so much and didn't have any pouf too it. The other peoples hats were crazy. I can't figure out why they wear them in the middle of their forehead?? 

    My favorite part was when she came out on the balcony and said "oh wow" when she saw all the people, and of course the two kisses!! 




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  • I LOVED the dress.  It has a hint of sexy and is also classy and gorgeous just like her.  I didn't study Pippa's dress, but I thought she looked pretty too.  She is so thin that just about anything would look gorgeous on her.  Those hats are ridiculous!

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