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Last grocery trip before baby...need suggestions

I'm going to Walmart later on to pick up things to make some freezer meals, some other grocery items, and things I will need PP.  Here's what I have so far. What else do I need to put on my list? Anything you suggest having around right after baby to save us a trip to the store?

-Things to make freezer meals of lasagna, meatloaf, meat for tacos, individual marinated chicken packets, chicken pot pies. Freezer bags/pans and foil

-bread, milk, toilet paper and other staples

-paper plates and plastic cups (don't usually buy but trying to cut down on the amount of dishes I will be doing in the first few weeks)

-baby gas drops and gripe water (just in case)

-pads, witch hazel soaked pads, dermoplast spray (all things they'll send home with me from the hospital but I like to have extras for the downstairs bathroom)

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Re: Last grocery trip before baby...need suggestions

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    Water bottles.  For some reason it was just easier to grab a cold bottled water out of the fridge than fixing a glass of water, especially when I went to nurse.  I drank water like it was my job!  Also I would put one in the freezer and pull it out at night so the water was cold for middle of the night nursing.  We recycle them as well (actually I just refill and reuse usually!).

    Grab some extra ice packs.  Got those things were a god send.

    Other than that I can't remember anything.  Maybe some books or magazines? Crossword puzzles?

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    I'd add in some junk magazines-- People, US, etc. I found that that was really all I could read during my down time because I was getting up and down all the time...and it was all I could really focus on with not much sleep!
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    Even freezer meals would have required way too much work in the kitchen and time/planning for me in those first few weeks.  I needed something I could just grab right out of the cabinet and Zone bars, granola bars, etc.  I ate a lot of oatmeal too (it was as much effort as I wanted to put into food prep when I wanted something hot). 

    Do you have nightlights in your house?  They were helpful for night time because I didn't want a lot of lights on but needed to be up and around the house at all hours. 

    Do you have DVR? Netflix? If not, buy some movies. I was awake, nursing G in front of the tv, for many nights and there is NOTHING decent on at 3 a.m.

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    Some snacks you can easily eat that require no prep- little 100 calorie packs, granola bars, luna bars, even Gogurt was one that I liked or the drinkable yogurts, etc.

    I remember I sent DH to the grocery store right after we got home to stock up on stuff for sandwiches, cereal, etc. For the first few days home we didnt cook at all-- not even freezer meals and it was faster and easier to just make a sandwich, grab a handful of chips, etc. 


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    - nursing pads

    - Vaseline (if you're having a boy or are team green)

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